RMC Class of 1978
Photos From Dan Bracuk

Hi guys. Since the Class Home Page has photos from our class reunions, I thought I'd put up some from when we were at RMC. Hopefully others will do the same. If any of you have photos, but don't have a scanner, available web space, or something like that, e-mail me (bracuk at pathcom.com). Maybe I can help put them on the web.

Enjoy the photos.

First Year and BOTC Third Year and the Summer of 1977
Snowman in Fort Champlain
Christmas Ball
Ken Darby and Dave Button
Tony Edwards and Eldren Thuen
Colour Party
AERE Phase 3 Party
Jim Doherty and Leslie Lamorre
Summer Leave Start
Rob Reilander's Military Training Comes in Handy
Campbell Davidson Garbages Up
Summer Leave Finish
Fourth Year Grad Parade Jeff Jones's Wedding
Getting Ready to go to the Range
Two Future AERE Officers on the Range
Vince Muolo
Paul Detering
Swordfight at Fort Frederick
The Fort Frederick Four
Honour Guard for Queen Elizabeth II
In Civvies, By the Statue
In Scarlets, By the Statue
Statue One and Statue Two
Hey Who Painted the Statue?
Officers Promenade
Inspection Party
2 Squadron March Past
4th Year Cadets Forming Up
4th Year Cadets Formed Up
The Bride and Groom
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