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   The Reel Thing – April 2007


· The REEL THING, April ‘07

 “Not a lot to say in this bulletin except we’re proud of the results achieved by our casters in the Canadian Championships a couple of weeks ago! Paul Kennedy, in probably his last tournament as a “B” Class caster, continued right where he left off after the Scarborough Championships.

Paul won just about everything that he could in this one: five gold and one silver medal in the accuracy events Obviously he also collected the All-Round Fly Accuracy, All-Round Plug Accuracy and the overall Canadian “B” Class Accuracy title as a result. He needed assistance to carry all his medals and trophies to his car afterwards.”

I know! I know! Confused? Okay, there was no Canadian Championships “a couple of weeks ago”. I came across this opening paragraph in an old Reel Thing bulletin from July, 2001 and thought it might be fun to start off this Reel Thing, six years later, in the hopes that it might again stimulate my ‘old buddy’, Paul Kennedy into once again taking our game seriously. He said he is considering going to Kentucky with us in May to see if he still has the pizzazz to do it all over again. I believe he does.

Along with P.K the club of course has great casters in Jim Lloyd, who can do it when he feels like it, but seems to prefer golf and fishing most of the time, Ray Cockburn one of our best plug casters, Sheila who already has a room-full of medals, both Canadian and A..C.A. George Monroe, with a couple of Nationals under his belt and ready to topple Steve R....., he says and of course three or four others such as Lee Pantridge who won the club Novice Championship in December. I must finish this braggadocio about my great club with a promise. Maria Voltsinis will win at least one gold medal this year, believe it. Hey, gang, you know we could make a big splash on the casting circuit this year if we pool our efforts and practice, practice, practice. With my hip and femur replaced with a pound and a half of titanium, I will have no more excuses myself and also expect to do better this year.....I hope to get in a little golf with Jim, too, now that I can walk properly and of course beat up on the streams around here a little.

I would like to welcome our newest member, Rui Medeiros, a friend of Rick’s who says he does almost as much fishing as Mr. Matusiak and now wants to learn the rest of the things we teach, casting fly tying (he is already a respectable tyer of feathered creations), rod building and so on. I think we also welcomed Bert Colp last month in the Reel Thing, but nothing wrong in doing it again. Both these gents are enjoying what we have to offer in the club.

The snowmobile trailers have surrendered to the spring sun and rain so I guess that ends my complaining all winter that no one wants to test their hard-water fishing skills any more until next year. There is still lots of ice on the lakes though so maybe I’ll run up this weekend fish the lake where the skidoos are parked then pack up and bring them back to To. It would be great if someone would come along to give me a hand and wet a line for an hour or so while there.

Sheila and I are off to Costa Rica for a week of R&R next Tuesday so there will be no shop or casting until after we return on April 3rd. with casting only that week and shop the next week.

Our spring camping trip is drawing lots of enthusiasm and it looks like it will be a success. We’re going to Jurgen’s secret brook trout lake and will be camping and fishing from four or five boats depending on final numbers going. The weekend will be either May 12th & 13th or 26th & 27th whatever the majority chooses. We must have deposits ($25.00) in by April 19th, our last night in the gym to allow enough time to prepare the logistics and details.

Sheila and I will be taking the trailer to Kentucky on the 19th & 20th (the Victoria Day) weekend for the Bluegrass tourney and George will probably fly down to meet and stay there with us. There’s room for several more, Paul, Maria, Ray, etc. Kick it over, folks, this is one of the ‘funnest’ tourneys on the circuit with great guys and gals there and so on......even the food’s good at the tourney.

We have to support the other tourneys if we expect these folks to come up to participate in ours.

I know this is early but with our going away, it seemed best to get it on its way now.

Tight lines (and loops) Gord


          Tight Lines everybody,