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 THE REEL THING                                                                             April 2002


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome two more fellows aboard, Jay Hackney and Joseph Rogers.  Jay is proving to be one of the most ardent members that we have ever had in the club.  He lives in Peterborough and commutes weekly to both our Tuesday evening shop nights and the gym, Thursdays, for casting practice and instruction, even driving through a horrendous freezing rain and snow storm on one occasion.  Peterborough is approximately eighty miles from Scarborough, almost twice as far a hike as that made from Hamilton by another of our more remote members, Hans Eckhart,.  I would like to hear from any other clubs that have members who commute regularly from as far as these gentlemen.  We do have other members from even further away, but seldom actually see them. 

Joseph hooked up with us after a fly fishing trip for bonefish in the Bahamas when he discovered his casting lacked the expertise to put his fly out far enough to get into the really heavy action that others were experiencing.  He explained it to me, this way, “They were using something called a ‘double haul’  and tossing their flies more than 60 or 70 feet.  Will you fellows be able to teach me how to do that if I join your club?”

When we demonstrated that simply using only the tip section of his rod and employing the double haul, we could easily cast that distance and considerably more, Joseph immediately asked, “All right, where do I sign up?”  His ambition is to get back to the Bahamian bonefish flats with the same fellow who was out-casting him badly on his first trip there and show him a thing or two about fly casting. With his enthusiasm and fellows like Jim Lloyd, Ashok Kalle and Paul Kennedy and Paul Quarrington in the club to teach him the mechanics, we are certain he’ll achieve his motive in short order.

Paul Becker and I had a great day of fishing up on the Saugeen a couple of weeks ago after we had been assured by good friend, great member and superb fisherman, Rick Matusiak that the river was inundated with rainbows and we would have to be careful that we didn’t snag them there were so many.  Well the fishing was great all right, but the catching was a complete blank.  A couple of feet of snow the day before had cooled the water so much the ‘bows had moved right out of the river and back to the lake.  It was a shame because this was Paul’s first fishing trip ever and after what we had heard about the river, he had promised his wife, Karen, trout for supper.  He assured us that he did, indeed, have a great day of fishing anyhow and learned quite a bit about the fishing - if not the catching.  Next time Paul!

With all the streams about to become open to legal fishing in a couple of weeks, everybody is furiously readying their gear for the assault, studying maps, checking their dream catchers and, of course, the regulations.