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 The Reel Thing                                                                                                                                            April ’05


I’m putting our April bulletin together a little early because Sheila and I are hoping to go away for a few days to Panama to finish a novel I’ve been working on and get in a little R & R at the same time.

March fishing has been great for our gang! Those working the frozen waters of Haliburton the last little while and enjoying every minute of the exercise were Paul Kennedy, Lee Pantridge, Ray Cockburn, Jurgen Brech, Jay Hackney, Paul Quarrington, Patrick Walsh and the “Guide”, myself. Nothing sensational to report, but lovely catches nevertheless and great in the pan. It’s a different world up north, with nearly thirty inches of ice on the lake and two to three feet of beautiful, white snow everywhere.

We would like to welcome our newest member, Tas Candarus. Tas’s enthusiasm stands him in good stead with his intentions to become a skilled caster and fisherman. He just returned from a trip to Florida where he successfully tangled with a few redfish and a powerful snook, using a rod which we cut in two and installed a ferule for him before he left. He reported that the re-designed stick stood up to the challenge quite nicely.

Lee Pantridge is rapidly becoming a master fly tyer, already doing excellent work on such difficult flies as the Despair, Royal Wulff, Caddis Nymphs, Muddlers and so on. Lee is excitedly looking forward to offering his creations and using his new fly casting skills on the brook trout in Quebec’s Jocko and Little Jocko rivers in a couple of months. Angelo D’Souza has also been working hard on the fly tying table, turning out quite credible flies of his own.

Both these new members are also working hard in the gym on their casting proficiencies in the fly and plug accuracies, while Lloyd Porter, another pleasant fairly recent addition to our cotterie of fisher-folks is rapidly improving his skills on the plug targets. It is great to see Jurngen Brech back in our midst and unhesitatingly offering assistance to our newer casters in the gym and fly tyers in the shop. Jurgen is one of the original members of our twenty-one year old club and is a skilled angler in all facets of the sport.

We are all excited about Sheila’s medal prospects in this year’s National tournament in Michigan as she is making mincemeat out of our tired old targets in the gym……watchout, ladies! Speaking of  the National we’re still hoping to take a strong contingent of our casters to Dundee in August for this one. Here’s how I rate our potentials in this tournament………keep in mind that there are medals for first, second and third place finishes and plaques for fourth, fifth and sixth.

This is pure conjecture, but here it is anyhow and how I believe these folks will do if they bring their best games to the event - and go at it as ‘just a game’ and not life and death! Paul Kennedy - sixth in Anglers Fly Distance, fifth 7.5 Grm Oz Acc, fifth 18 Grm Acc   Jim Lloyd  - fourth 7.5. Acc, third 3/8 Oz Acc, fourth 18 Grm. Acc. sixth Dry Fly  Ray Hawthorne - sixth 18Grm Acc  Sheila - first 18 Grm, third 3/8 Oz, second 7.5 Grm  George Monroe - tenth Dry Fly, twelfth 18Grm Acc. Jurgen Brech - eighth Dry Fly, tenth trout fly Acc, eighth 7.5 Acc, sixth 3/8 Oz Acc., eighth 18 Grm Acc. Gord -