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The REEL THING                                                                                                                   April ‘06


 Sorry we’re a little late with the April bulletin, but there really is not a great deal to write about at this time anyhow.

 Fishing-wise, though, Jurgen continues to show us how it’s done, fly fishing with his specially tied bead head stone fly nymphs. In the last few weeks he has caught numerous rainbows from two to twelve pounds fishing in Wilmot and Oshawa Creeks…..mostly in his lunch hour from work. I turned one of his fresh-run silver beauties into a lovely feed of Gravaadlaax that we all enjoyed.

 We mad several trips to Haliburton in March with Tas, Lee, Ray and Jim and had to work our buts off just to get into the lakes as the trail conditions were so poor, but Jim, as usual, prevailed and caught brookies every time he went up with us. The season’s over there now, although there’s still lots of ice (28”), the trails are finished and we won’t be fishing Haliburton now until the ice is gone in a couple of weeks or so. Jim and I will be bringing the machines back to To. next week and Sheila and I are bringing the trailer back this weekend.

 We would like to welcome another couple members into our fold: Kent Taylor and Brian Farrugia. Both these gentlemen are keen to develop their skills on the targets with both the long wands and the short rods. Kent has also been busy in the shop constructing leaders and working on equipment. There was a great evening in the shop a couple of weeks ago where, Bamboo rods were being built, broken graphite rods being repaired, bales cut off spinning reels, flies tied and fishing stories being told and re-told.

Things have fallen in to place nicely for our ice-out trout trip at the end of the month and this trip should be a lot of fun, eight of us in one big cottage and lakers and brookies just waiting for us to do battle with. If the weather continues its present path, we should be moving outside for weekly practice at the pond in Milliken Park in a couple of weeks and closing down the gym activities. We will attempt to keep the weekly shop evenings going to assist Maria and Lee in getting their new bamboo fly rods completed, but it is hoped that they, too, will put in an equal effort accordingly.

I’m still waiting for my news book, MEMORIES OF MAGICAL WATERS to emerge from the printer and publisher, but it should be out any day now as my publisher is planning a book launch for its release, after which we will be sending out the collector copies, or contacting those that requested them about payment. The April edition of OUTDOOR CANADA  MAGAZINE has a couple of articles in it you may wish to read (I wrote them) on the Despair Fly and Gravaadlaax.

George and I will be beginning workouts on the distance games shortly and if anyone would like to see what they are all about, get back to me soon, please. We will be going to Lexington Kentucky in mid-May for the first ’06 competition, only a couple of weeks before our own June tournament.

Tight Lines.