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The Reel Thing
April 2008

Boy that was one heck of a long winter! Although we're sitting outside examining all the tulip and daffodil bulbs that we just discovered have already begun sticking their little pointed snouts through the still ample piles of snow here and there. Nevertheless, we wound up a great ice fishing season a few days ago with a near-perfect overnight trip, skidooing more than twenty miles of absolutely gorgeous trails, negotiating unbelievable 'near-mountain-size' hills on tight hair-pin turns, twisting this way and that, all along in snow and clinging to the edge that threatened at any moment to send us plunging into a snowy abyss where we might have remained forever. But, here we are and we made it with Taps doing a remarkable job on the small skidoo behind me on the bigger machine while Maria hung on for dear life behind Paul as they negotiated the trail.

Unfortunately we were limited in our fishing success because a too exuberant pull on our ancient power-operated ice augur put a finis to our fishing before we really began......and on top of that, the 'Old Guy' against their pleas became rather concerned because we could have been in a lot of trouble if we hadn't been able to get out of the most difficult and long section of the trail before dark. All in all it was a super way to wind-up the hard-water season.

 Next on the club's planning is our annual ice-out spring fishing trip and this year Sheila is hard at work, as she volunteered (actually conscripted) into determining who, how many, where, when and all the myriad details that
have to be addressed if we are to have a successful trip. She knows that it's a given that she will need assistance wherever it will hopefully be forthcoming from.

 We have been hearing from all quarters, especially Rui, that the rivers in our neck of the woods are literally bursting at the seams with rainbows. Rui has been sending us reports of catches of five, six, seven and more almost every day he manages to get away for a few hours. He promised me a few the other day so that we can set up the smoker.......or put together enough as Gravaadlaax for a feed for the club. That would be great as we all have been
busy working in the shop fly tying and rod building every chance the folks have had to work on the feathers and bamboo. Our casters are looking forward to the end of the indoor casting and practice sessions so we can get outside to work on the targets more enjoyably as we do outside in Milliken Park. Hopefully the ice won't be around forever and we will soon be able to harass the targets more industriously than some or us have been doing lately.

 Got a lovely message from Jim Seroczynski the other day and amongst other things he told us that he and his clan will be coming to Toronto for our Scarborough Championships on June 7th.......hopefully the ice will be out.