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The Reel Thing- April 2010


Sometimes we truly lose sight of what feeds our souls! - Cheers

From: Brian Farrugia;

Hey gang Brian here,

I was fortunate enough to get up to the Broadback a couple of summers ago when the guys decided to test out the lake.

There were many things about that trip that I love too.

1. The amazing Boulder field

2. Catching my first brookie ever in the beaver pond on a Despair! I'd finally made it into the club.

3. an incredible 2.5 hours of the the craziest pike fishing ever. double and triple headers and pike coming in like sharks to see what all the commotion was about (we had be shut out for the first two days)

4. PK bagging the grouse

5. Fishing at the "Coffee Shop"--nice haul of Pickerel that day

6. Eating blueberry sauce

7. Eating the pike chunks (see #3) that were rolled in crushed Bits and Bites

8. Least favourite (riding in the back seat of Lee's pickup all the way to Chibougamau)

Cheers everyone. Hope to make some new memories... Anyone up for me joining them for the opener?



Okay folks.............I sent out copies of earlier Broadback menus for your perusal and enjoyment.................but I then decided to show all of you folks some of the wonderful responses to our request on this particular trip. I know this will fascinate you, just as it did for me looking back on some of this. It would be great to read and hear your comments.


Thanks again, Jay, beautiful!


RE: Broadback River Trip '04

I also liked -

Watching Paul meticulously sharpen every knife in sight, including my little pocket knife, and doing a pretty good job too!

Getting a lesson in filleting a pickerel from Rick - no mess and you get every ounce of meat that's worth eating.

I mentioned food already, but I should be more specific. The little pancakes, the trout amandine, pickerel chunks, parsleyed carrots, that great puffy baked omelet, the endless cups of coffee. And the blueberries. You could just reach down and pick a handful or two anytime you wished.

Gord putting together his cooking area and shelter - "the house of a thousand clothes pegs". How could I imagine that it would not stand up to a windstorm? It didn't have enough elastic bands I thought.

Gord's organization & planning - i think there was a repair kit for every possible emergency.

The trip went off without a hitch, it was outdoor luxury at a bargain price.

Broadback River Trip '04

Lovely memories, Jay. I'll send it along to the others.



RE: Broadback River Trip '04

I liked:

Driving through the night in Quebec.

That moment when the airplane that dropped you off then departs, and you first notice how quiet it is up there.

The beautiful sound of the rapids at the camp.

Really excellent food, especially the fish meals.

Catching that first brookie, big or small, it doesn't really matter.

Throwing the first fly line at First Rapids or the Fly fishing shoal.

Hand tying (no vise) a Despair at the camp, and then fishing it the same day.

Catching a 'mountie'. We saw some really nice fish caught.

(By the way, I did mount one, and picked the mount up two weeks ago. It's on a piece of cedar driftwood that Gord gave me. It is BIG, and it is gorgeous).

Perhaps the best was - the good companionship throughout the trip!

Jay Hackney

Broadback River Trip '04

Hi everybody:

We have broadened our invitational list for next year's trip to the Broadback in Northern Quebec. Some of you have already received an invitation to join Paul Kennedy and me for next year's trip to God's country, the Broadback River so keep in mind time is of the essence. Hope to begin receiving some of your responses soon.

In the meantime, here's a few thoughts that keep recurring to me of some of the things I'll personally really miss from not being able to put a trip together for this year. I would like to hear from other folks who have been on past Broadback trips with us what they personally remember most and miss by not being able to go this year. Your answers should be revealing and interesting and I will compile them then send them on so that we all can enjoy your thoughts.

Tight Lines and Sweet Dreams,


My Reminiscences:

1. Finally breaking out of Montreal on to Route 20.

2. Heading into the Laurentians north of Quebec City and the pee-stop at the lookout in the mountains.

3. Coming down from the Laurentians to the flat lands at Alma.

4. Breakfast after the all night drive at Le Bonne Fourchette.

5. Seeing that beautiful Cessna Caravan plane waiting for us when we arrive at Chibougamau.

6. The landing at the Indian camp at Benson Lake.

7. Rounding the point and seeing the falls and our campsite once again then seeing the expressions on everybody - with no one saying a word - as we approach our landing.

8. Paul and I setting up camp while the others help out by getting organised, getting firewood and catching supper.

9. Seeing the first Brookie caught, usually right at camp.

10. Watching Paul set up his shower.

11. Finally tucking into the sleeping bag after being awake for 36 hours then sleeping like a baby.

12. The smell of the first brecky, coffee, bacon and eggs and stuff.

13. The first look at First Rapids and the Glory Hole after poking around camp the first day.

14. The excitement, shouting and swearing when P.K. gets into his first big Brookie.

15. The quiet, yet positive vibes that emanate from P.Q. when he sets up his tackle.

16. The look of amusement on Pete Pokulok's face as he sets up.

17. Watching Rick fiddle with his camera equipment then breaking out five thousand dollars worth of lures from somewhere or another.

18. Leon wolfing down his meals then looking for seconds.

19. Repairing things after Leon breaks them.

20. My wonderment at how hard Jay works at everything.

21. Tying my first Despair in camp - destined for the First Rapids.

22. P.Q.'s enthusiasm over the Pickerel and meals.

23. Watching Ronnie's polished fishing and casting routines.

24. Listening to his jokes and stories about how badly he was miss-treated in his youth.

25. Jim's picking blueberries by the hatful and sharing them with us.

26. Roger's wonderful sense of humour and skill with his equipment.

27. Everybody's excitement at the Glory Hole.

28. Rick's film direction with almost every trout that's caught, including his own.

29. Rick's marvelling at the beauty and size of the Brookies.

30. Seeing the reaction of new guys when they see the river, camp, Brookies - even the big Pike.

31. P.K. crossing the rapids at the Fly Fishing Shoal to have another go at the world record he's chasing at the foot of the pool.

32. Q.'s enthusiasm after fly fishing at the Far Falls.

33. The wonderful canoe trips back to camp in the evening and trying to read everyone's thoughts while marvelling at the looks of utter contentment on their faces.

34. Watching Rick don his rubber gloves to do dishes.

35. Sitting at the Indian Camp, eating blueberries and hearing the plane approach and come in.

36. The grins on everyone's faces after we load up and relax in the plane for the flight back from the Deval Territory in God's country.

Hope you enjoyed it and looking forward to hearing from you all.