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 THE REEL THING                                                                                April 1997


Damn!  That was a short summer!  We set a record for highs last Sunday and another for lows yesterday.  However, Paul Kennedy and I took advantage of the weather and spent 4 or 5 wonderful hours practicing the distance fly games on Sunday and the results certainly warranted our efforts.  I am not going to tell you how far we actually cast, because you probably wouldn’t believe me anyhow.  If you must know, phone Paul and ask him at  905.898.2470.  Hopefully we’ll have 4 or 5 guys out next Sunday morning to try their hand on the distance field.  Also a big welcome to our newest member, Bob Shibata

            The club was most fortunate last week to have Rick Matusiak out to show some of his magnificent fishing movies and discuss the methods he uses to produce these.  Rick seems to be able to produce huge trout wherever he goes.  Remarkable!  You can catch some of Rick’s fishing and film efforts on the Bob Izumi show on T.V. We’ll really be putting him to the test this summer though when he joins Paul Kennedy, Paul Quarrington and me on our trip to Northern Quebec.  Paul ‘Q’ will be writing the sequel to his successful book, FISHING WITH MY OLD GUY.  Hopefully, in the meantime, Rick will be able to find the time to join us for the odd evening to brush up on his fly casting techniques, as well.

            The kids, guys and gal, are all doing remarkably well on the targets in the gym and scores in the high 90’s are becoming quite commonplace.  Some of our newer casters, namely Mike Crilly, Kirk Apel, Frank DiNorcia, Ashok Kalle and Len Connelly have become proficient with their fly outfits in amazingly short time.  They are going to surprise a few people this summer.  Of course, our older (in terms of membership, anyhow) members are holding their own and Jon Gill’s beautiful 96 (7 perfects) last night using only a four weight outfit bears testimony to that. Meanwhile, Sheila, the distaff side of the club, continues to hone her own skills and we expect she will once again have a fine competitive year as well as on the lakes, fishing.

            The kids, our four Juniors, have been tying flies in great abundance as well as working on both their plug and fly casting and we anticipate fine showings from them all.  Mike Taylor and Kyle Sullivan seem to be leading the youth pack.  It is nice that we get occasional visits from the rest of the guys, Jim L., Paul Q, Fred B., Craig B., and others, but what about the rest!  Come on folks, we will be moving outside  to Milliken Park Pond in just a matter of weeks, now.  Don’t you think you would like to brush up on your casting a bit before then!

            The ice-out trout fishing trip to A/B Lake has a full complement and should be the best in years as the winter ice-fishing conditions up there were terrible, limiting the amount of skidoo traffic and fishing considerably.  The Brookies should be chomping at the bit waiting for our lures and flies!   Roger Cannon will be joining us once again for this one.  Maybe we can get him to put up a few Vibrax or Rapalas for the best catch! The next fishing trip will be a camping weekend, probably early July, or thereabouts.  Speaking of fishing, Kirk, Frank and Mark have been getting great action on the bows on Duffins and Wilmot;  fish up to 14 pounds, while Ashok, Paul K. and I drove over 500 miles in one day a couple of weeks ago on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and Muskoka roads and backroads looking for a place to launch our boat and wet our lines.  It was an unusual outing to say the least, but we enjoyed the scenery and actually had about three hours at the mouth of the Muskoka River trying to get into one of the monsters who follow the Smelts in there.  Meanwhile, Craig Blundon had a couple of exciting outings back home on the Rouge, connecting with bows up to 12 pounds, or so.  Craig is also assisting the Save our Streams folks in planting willows and other stream improvement on the Rouge.  Good work Craig!

            As usual, our club will be hosting the annual A.C.A. registered Scarborough Fly & Bait Casting Championships at our beautiful Milliken Park site on the weekend of June 21st and 22nd.  The six accuracy games will be contested on the Saturday, both “A” & “B” class as well as 2 special public invitational events (both fly & bait) for anyone who has never before competed in a casting event and does not belong to a casting club.  There will be no entry fee for these special events and prizes and trophies, the COUNCILOR MIKE TZEKAS awards, will be presented.  Mike will also be on hand for the awards ‘ceremony’.  On Sunday the distance games go and the competition there should be heated  as well.  It is expected that Harvey Beck from the Toronto club will, as usual fight it out with me for our Club Championship All Round trophy.  We would like to stress that this event (other than the 2 special games) although classed as an open competition, is for members of  A.C.A. affiliated clubs only, as it is an A.C.A. registered competition.

            Other tournament dates are June 7th., St. Catharines (Accuracy only),  Canadian Championships,  June 14th & 15th.,  National Championships, Kentucky, July 28 - Aug 2.

In addition, we should have dates for several other competitions shortly.  Please call me for additional information on these tournaments - and please - mark your calendars for our tournament.  Even if you don’t compete (and we hope that all our members will) we will require your assistance to help with targets, scoring and so on.

            I  got a shock this morning when I learned of the passing of North Jory.  North was always one of the fiercest competitors in the casting game and along with Joe Phillips and myself was the last of the competitive casters who first got their feet wet way back in the forties, over fifty years ago.  It was always tough, but fun, going head to head with North on the targets.  Today, I feel my age!  We will miss you North!

            We may be having a guest writer from one of the outdoor magazines out for a chat soon.  We’ll let you know if and when we can finalize this one.  If you have access to the Internet, you should look up our site on the ‘web.  We’re still working on it, but it’s already pretty decent, thanks to Ashok Kalle, President of Pathways Communications.  Our address is and E.Mail is    While you’re at it you should check out Paul Quarrington’s web page.  Great reading!  Just punch in Paul Quarrington on your search engine.  Tight Lines,