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 THE REEL THING                                                                             August 2002


            This copy of the REEL THING will be short and sweet as the memo I sent out earlier requesting brief notes of everybody’s fishing exploits (good and-or bad) over the past month or so produced absolutely nothing in response. I can only assume from that that either no one fished – or no one cares enough about the club and the monthly bulletin to cooperate and supply us with a few words that I can put in the REEL THING to make for more interesting reading for everyone.

We still have a couple more evenings scheduled for Milliken Park Pond, the sun is setting more quickly every day now and it would be great if we could put a wrap to our summer season at the pond with as good a turnout as we had there last Thursday. Even Leon showed up for an hour or so of casting with his grandchildren.

Sheila and I attended the 95th annual North American Casting Championships in San Francisco and managed to collectively bring home a half a dozen medals and plaques, although were disappointed to not collect a single first place gold for the first time ever in our 35 ‘Nationals’. I guess the doctors were right when they said it would take me six months or more before I would regain my strength, pep and drive after the 42 days of radiation in the spring. Of course, having a broken thumb on my casting hand certainly didn’t help either. Oh well, next year’s tournament is in Lexington, Kentucky and we should be in better shape by then although another year older (74).

The tentative winter shop schedule this year will change a little. Instead of trying to hold the fly tying sessions and rod building at the same time, we will alternate weekly beginning on the first Tuesday evening after school begins next month. At least we will try that and see how it works out………we may change it if there if more interest in one or the other and make it once a month for one and three nights for the other, however we will begin with the alternating weekly idea. I would appreciate your feedback on this to help with the scheduling. If we’re lucky then perhaps the promised heavy-duty re-wiring in the shop will get done for us before the cold weather sets in………maybe even some of the insulation!

We have had numerous weekend club fishing trips in the past, but none in the last couple of years. If anyone is interested in participating in one or more of these this fall and winter, please advise either Paul Kennedy or me and we’ll see what we can put together. Jaydee’s Skidoo (completely refurbished) is still available for the first person to come forward with $750.00. It comes with a helmet and other goodies, but you had better hurry because unfortunately for us, big Jim is moving to Vancouver next month. By the way, Jim is willing to take part payment now and the balance later and he will deliver the machine right away. The Skidoo is almost identical to mine.

Club dues will be payable next month and we have an offer for you. If you pay your dues on time and can bring a new member aboard before October 1st we will refund $25.00 to you as a thank-you. There is no limit on the number of refunds available on this offer.  I still have a dozen or so of those broken rod sections if anyone else would like to take the opportunity of stripping them for the guides and so on. Anyone contemplating building rods this winter should avail themselves of this opportunity to cut down the cost of their rods by obtaining guides free.

Paul Quarrington has written an interesting article for Outdoor Canada about different fishing books to read and that he has currently read, but unfortunately neglected to mention my BROOKIES, BROWNS AND BOWS. I guess ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and it is to be hoped that you folks have all enjoyed reading this, my latest book.