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 THE REEL THING                                                                                August 2004

                Sorry we’re late with the bulletin this month, but Sheila and I were in Lexington, Kentucky for the National Casting Championships and did not return until a couple of days ago. Considering what we both went through this spring, just being able to attend was an accomplishment for both of us, but we did a little better than simply attend. Sheila finished fifth in two of the plug accuracy games and I collected a few fifth place plaques as well to go along with a couple bronze medals in Trout Fly Distance and Trout Fly Accuracy.

          Next year’s championships will be held either in Long Beach, California or Dundee, Michigan at the new Cabela’s store location. We hope that several of the better casters in our club will be able to join us for the wonderful experience of seeing some of the best fly and bait casters in the world strut their stuff. I know for a fact that several of our casters, such as Jim, Paul, Ray and George would most probably finish in the top ten competitors with a solid chance to also bring home a medal or two.

          Fishing-wise, I don’t have a great deal to report, but I can tell you that I have had a couple delightful outings with Patrick Walsh, the editor of Canada’s best fishing and hunting magazine, OUTDOOR CANADA. The first was to the Hepburn Stretch of the Ganaraska, one of the most difficult stretches that the Ganny has to fish in and we had an excellent day, catching a couple dozen trout including a nice rainbow, a speckled trout and a fistful of browns. Most were put back in the swim, but four or five were kept for the pan and Pat reported that he and his family enjoyed a super feast of trout fillets. After we returned from Kentucky, he and I did the Jeep trek into Limit Lake and also had a fine day of fishing, but the catching was non-existent, due to a severely dropping barometer. Paul Becker and Ray Cockburn also hit the Ganny recently, fishing the Used Car Lot Stretch, but managed only a few small ‘bows and browns, while Jay reported that he caught a fat sixteen-incher on the Ganny while working the Picnic Grounds Stretch.

A few of us are scheduled to head up into Northern Quebec once again in a couple of weeks to have another go at the Broadback River’s monster speckled trout. This will be Rick Matusiak’s third Broadback trip and he is hoping that he will be able to get film of one of us hooking one of the possible world record brookies that he filmed with his underwater camera on our last go at the river. He already has produced one of the finest angling films that we’ve ever seen and this would make an exciting finish if one of us is able to produce accordingly.

The club’s outdoor casting season winds down next Thursday evening, but we will again be moving into our big gym in September after school starts and will also be renewing our fly tying and bamboo rod building program in our shop. I would appreciate hearing from those who would like to participate in those activities as we may have to purchase more bamboo. Speaking of supplies, we brought back from Kentucky casting plugs, dry flies, bass bugs and leader kits, purchased from the American Casting Association. The fall and winter schedule will be sent along shortly.  

Sheila and I presented both of my medals from the National in Kentucky to Doctor Khoa Le and the nurses who saved my life at the Scarborough Grace Hospital.

Cheers,   Gord