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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  August 1988

This is my first attempt to put together a copy of the Reel Thing on Sheila's computer.  It should be interesting to see how it comes off.  I have no idea how this is going to look, but let's give it a go, anyhow.

Well we have had very little response from the 'fishermen' in our club as to how they have fared so far this summer, but we do have a few tid-bits for you. Jack Dean and Kim apparently had a fantastic holiday - bass fishing - they caught bass up to seventeen inches, but most of them were still on the spawning beds.  But, the pike saved the day (week) for them with a strike almost every cast.

While most of their catch ran around the five to six pound mark, Kim did manage to land one that tipped the scales at close to ten pounds.

Jim Smith, one of our newest members, also discovered that the majority of the bass were still performing their courtship rituals, but took enough to test his newly learned skills and his cooking, on his holidays in the Midland area.

George McConnachie, another of our newer members, also gavbe the bass a boo up at the Silent Lake park but found that his stay under canvas was too cold to really appreciate the trip.  He was up there just before the hot spell hit us.  Fred Bigioni, along with his wife and two sons, also tried canvas and the Silent Lake area, but they were fortunate to head up there after the weather warmed up. The fishing reports are not in yet.   

Rod Noble has fared reasonably well in his quest for good local fly fishing, it seems, but result-wise and location-wise he remains somewhat on the secretive side, understandably.

I don't have too much more in the way of fishing reports other than to say that Sheila and I 'released' - unintentionally, that is - what felt like a five pound brookie on one of our camping sojourns to A/B Lake in Haliburton.  We're probably off to have another try at him this weekend.

Leon Schwartz and I had a rather hectic outing to the Ganaraska area. We were dodging cloudbursts, but did manage to snare a nice brown that was nudging fourteen inches.

Debbie Morgan is hard at work lining up the kids for us to take fishing at the end of the month.  For more information on this junket please contact me - we will need about five or six cars and helpers.  The club will pay for the gas, hot-dogs and so on.

CASTING ABOUT:  Casting practice and instruction continues in ideal conditions at our pool at the Scarborough City Hall but a lot of our members have yet to take advantage of this lovely opportunity to sharpen their skills on our targets at this lovely facility.  We have anywhere from five to fifteen casters on the average, but there is room for two to three times that many.  Hopefully, after reading this news letter a few more of our members will show up and try their hand at either fly or bait casting.  By the way, we now have a good supply of both dry flies (for practice) and tournament plugs of all sizes.

The North American Fly and Bait Casting Championships are being held in Toronto this year during the week of August 8.  Distance events will be conducted the first couple of days with the accuracy events taking place Thursday through Saturday.  For more information on the tournament contact either Rod Sills or myself.  We have at least 12 or 15 members who are quite capable of not only winning medals in this tournament, but winning the first place Gold medals and trophies.  You folks know who I mean, so I won't mention names here, but PLEASE if you will, get in touch with me as S.A.P.

We are beginning a new feature in the club, commencing with this bulletin.  It's sort of a dating service - quite a few of you have expressed an interest in hooking up with other members for a few hours of fishing or perhaps even a day, or two.  So if you would like to put your name down on this particular registry, along with your angling preferences, we'll do our best to make the connections.  We will even offer locations for those who wish to try somewhere different.  Let's hear from you if you're interested.

We will soon begin planning our fall rainbow trip.......but we must have some idea how many would like to participate.  This will be a weekend trip with an all-inclusive charge of about seventy-five dollars.  We are looking at the weekend before Thanksgiving this year (better fishing-usually).  Deposits ($50.00) must be in by September 1 for us to make all the final arrangements.  We have had a lot of fun on this trip the last three years and with the earlier date, this year should be even better.

Remember, please get those fishing trip results in to us so we can all share in your successes and if you are not one of the regulars showing up at the pool for our Monday evening sessions, come on down and give it a try.