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 THE REEL THING                                                                             August 1992


Only one new member to report on this month.  Congratulations to Peg and Steve Ryder on the birth of their first child, Kaytlin a beautiful daughter.  She becomes our youngest member, and at the rate our kids keep popping up in the club and casting, to boot, it won't be long before we have the youngest club in the country - in addition to already being the finest!

 Sheila and I attended the North American Championships in Kentucky and came away with a handful of medals, plaques and stuff, but the highlite was Sheila's placing 6th in the 5/8th ounce accuracy and collecting her first plaque in this prestige event.  She bested a number of much more experienced casters to win that honour.  To be the sixth best in North America IN ANYTHING is quite an achievement.  All of us in the club are proud of you, Babe!

 The Ontario Summer Games just wrapped up with our sport being included for the first time and although we could have done much better, I feel that we did ourselves proud.  Although we did capture a number of medals in the six accuracy events and quite a few personal bests were registered, perhaps the best part of the whole show was the enthusiasm displayed by the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association in this event.  We actually had fourteen casters participating and giving it their best shots.  It all augers well for next year's casting season!  There were too many highlites to mention them all here, however special mention should go to Peter Durnford for his fine 93 in Dry Fly placing him well up in the overall standings, Irene Johnston for her gold medal win in the Senior Ladies, Rod Sills' silver in 5/8th., Sheila's just missing out on a silver and bronze by one cast, Dave Collins' fine overall performance, Leon's staying out of trouble and excellent casting, Matt Ross's super effort and so on - and so on!

Next Monday (August 31) is our last outdoor night at the pool and we will be moving indoors on WEDNESDAY, September 16th.  Same time as before - 6 P.M.  We have been moved again by the city, as the Jean Vanier School apparently requires the gymnasium for a new night school itinerary.  We will be moving back to our old facility, the Samuel Hearne Sr. School gym on the east side of Pharmacy, just north of Danforth.  Please make every effort to attend our first night as that is when we will lay out the winter agenda and we need your input.

There are still several 12' culms of bamboo left if anybody else wants to take advantage of the rod building class that will be beginning in a few weeks.  Call either Jim Lee, or myself.

The next trip on our club agenda is another camping junket to A/B on the Labour Day weekend.  Room for one more person yet.  If we

can get ten people with deposits ($50.00) in by September 16th. we will put together a fall trip for rainbows to Lake Huron.  In the past this has proven to be one of our most popular club weekends.  Probable total cost - $110.00 - includes cabins, meals, etc.  Of course, deposits returned if the trip doesn't come off.

We all owe a big vote of thanks to Dave Collins who sold his boss on the idea of sponsoring our club insomuch as providing us with thirty new club shirts - complete with our logo - and obtaining them for the Summer Games thing.  We looked great in the parade at Birchmount Stadium!  Haven't seen much of Petra and John Radford this summer.  We hope that will change now that we are getting ready to move back indoors again.  John has some great ideas that we would like to take advantage of this winter.  Dave Brown will be conducting a specialty fly tying course at the gym.

Next Sunday is a special day for the S.F.& B.C.A. as we are renewing our Kids' Fishing Day with a trip to the Pine Valley Trout Farm.  Thanks to Scott Purcell's efforts we will be hosting a dozen kids from the Childrens' Aid Society for a great day of trout fishing and a barbecue.  The kids will all be given complete fishing outfits of their own to keep at the end of the day.  Leon, Paulo, Sheila and Ana will also be assisting.

A few of the club wives had an evening of their own a while back and I understand enjoyed not having the guys around to bug them.  It sounds like this will be repeated again soon, perhaps even a night out on the town!  Debbie Durnford, 837.1758, and Sheila are organizing it so get in touch with them please, ladies, with your ideas.  

Haven't got a great deal to report on fishing, but here are a couple of tid-bits:  Rod Sills lost several casting plugs to pike while casting at his practice targets up at the cottage.  It seems the pesky fellows like the action of the casting plugs better than the worms that Rod normally uses!  Trout fishing has been terrific on the streams around Toronto this summer (high water and cool weather, I guess) and we have had excellent luck on the specks and browns.  One twenty-two incher I took a couple of weeks ago had four mice in his stomach!  Even with his belly full he nailed my Despair fly.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to do a double haul cast with a frozen mouse on the end of my leader the next time I head out.

The club will probably be conducting a raffle this winter so we are looking for suitable prizes to offer for the runner-ups.  All suggestions (or donations) are appreciated.