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 THE REEL THING                                                                             August 1995



After this superb accomplishment by our club and everybody in it there are a million thoughts whizzing around in my head.  There is no way that I can possibly address all of them, but here are a few, not necessarily in any particular order.

First and most importantly, we would not have even attempted it without the determination and encouragement of my wife, Sheila and of course, Dave Collins.  When we were ready to surrender to all the negative purveyors of doom and garbage coming from 'that' other club, Sheila and Dave both strong-armed me, then along with encouragement from Paulo and Steve we got everything solidly back on track. 

What more can I possibly say about the tremendous effort and sacrifice put forth by Mike Dinner: seven frustrating months of patient work addressing the sponsorship and financial end of everything.  Mike said, "Yes." he could do it when I first approached him - and he sure as Hell did, even with my being on his back every step of the way, while his personal life and business suffered on the back burner.  You certainly proved and demonstrated your patience and skills, Mike!

Debbie Osborne and Donald Cox, were cooked in the hot sun and soaked to the skin, but showed all of us the kind of stuff that they are made of.  Nobody worked harder than they did and much of our success was due to their tireless efforts.

Irene and Rod! Rod and Irene!  Rene said she could do it and that she and Rod would bust their guts to help make the event a success.  Well they both did their jobs and a whole lot more in an extremely professional manner.

Paul Quarrington, who stepped into Dave's job as Captain of the entire tournament when Dave got called away and practiced the position with tact, diplomacy, patience and efficiency.

Scott Purcell looked after several assignments in addition to Captaining the accuracy event along with Paulo's help.  He kept things rolling along smoothly and performed professionally at the awards banquet.

I am hearing from all quarters what a fine job Steve did in Captaining the distance field events, along with Donald's assistance and I certainly agree.  Steve also looked after the targets and much of the equipment.  Great work, Steve!

John Alexander looked after the early registration and finances.  A most difficult and onerous job, but performed with tact and efficiency.  I guess his I.B.M. training stood him well in this relatively invisible and thankless position.

There were many, many others who pitched in and did what they could to help, such as Pam, Matt and Don Ross, Peter Durnford, Rick Matusiak, the Voyageurs (recruited by Irene and invaluable resources for us all during the week-long event).  If I have missed anybody, I appologize.  I am still feeling a little brain-dead after the whole show, however A HUGE THANK YOU, TO EVERYBODY!

We have a number of other members who for one reason or another were unable to directly participate but we know that we had their encouragement along the way and we all consider everybody's contribution, no matter how small, as the real reason we were all able to pull this off.

* If you have any intention at all of attempting to qualify for the National next year in Oakland, California, or the World Championsips in Pretoria, South Africa, please contact me as S.A.P.  There are certain things you should know and do now if you have even the slightest desire to take your game to this level.

* Anybody interested in a mushroom expedition?

*   "          "    "  "   camping and trout fishing weekend?

*   "          "    "  "   bass, pickerel & musky outing?

*   "          "    "  "   Saugeen rainbow trout weekend?

*   "          "    "  "   casting wknd. Sept 10, Cincinnati?

There will be an important meeting at my place, Thursday Aug. 17th at 8:00 P.M.  One purpose of the meeting is to wind up everything after the National, including suggestions from everybody as to how best utilize the profits from the event.  Please put your suggestions down on paper and bring them along so that we can discuss this in an orderly manner.

There are only a few evenings left for us at Milliken, the days are getting shorter, while school opens on Sept 5th.  We start back in the gym on Wednesday, Sept. 13th.  The first night we will discuss the agenda for the entire indoor season.  Please try to be there.

** Scarborough Councillor, Mike Tzekas is attempting to work out a reciprocal arrangement with the Chinese Sports Federation.  They would send a team here next year (The Scarborough Bi-Centennial) and we would travel there in 1997!