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 THE REEL THING                                                                                 August 1996


The last Reel Thing sent out mentioned that a few of us were about to head into the hinterlands of Northern Quebec to fish for giant Brook Trout.  However, at the last minute the Government of Quebec decided on a very early closing for the season which left us out on a limb for this year.  Nevertheless and despite the best laid plans of mice and men and all that stuff, it looks like we will be able to bring that adventure to completion next year. 

Little fishing stuff to report as everybody seems too shy to report the results from their fishing efforts over the summer!  Come on guys, share the news with the rest of us, whether good or bad.  You know how you find it interesting to read what your fellow members have caught - or nearly caught, so letís hear from you about your own fishing outings.  For example, I just heard this morning that Leon and Fred accidentally met each other up Flesherton way and stayed in a local bed and breakfast where the owner proved to be a _fly fisherman_ himself.  Seems he told the fellows about some lovely water (with a lot of specks) in the upper Beaver Valley area.  For specifics though, you will have to call Leon.  Also, before heading to California for the National I did manage to hit one of the most northerly tributaries of the Ganaraska for a couple of hours one morning and caught (not kept) 17 nice browns.  Of course I kept a _couple_ for a feed or two.

Very few folks took advantage of our Wednesday evenings at the pond in Milliken Park this summer, probably because we were late in receiving our permit due to the schmozzle created by the jerks who tried to kill our club.  Nevertheless we are definitely back in action and although the evenings are now too short to cast at Milliken we will be back in the school gym the week after school begins in September.  Of course fly tying will once again take a prominent place in our winter program.  We are hopeful of replacing much of the clubís antiquated equipment before too long but as always, encourage everybody to gradually collect their own, with, of course, our advice and suggestions.

If anybody is interested in going to Roscoe, New York for the Catskill Fly Fishing Centerís Flea Market, Fishing and Casting weekend towards the end of the month, please call me toute suite and I will give you the specifics.

I believe that I may have reported the sad news in an earlier Reel Thing that we will be losing one of our staunchest supporters and members this fall.  Donald Cox is taking advantage of a Government Scholarship to go back to University in Alberta to further increase his already comprehensive knowledge in computer programming and research.  We all wish you luck and success, Donald, and hope that you find a little time between your seminars and studies to wet a line in the Bow and some of the other waters out there.  Remember us, please!

On the tournament front, after Paul Kennedy threw the longest cast of the day in the Great Lakes Championships in Ohio, back in June (although he forgot to call score) he proved he had learned his lesson by duplicating the feat, correctly, at a tournament in Buffalo.  At that tournament, I believe he won medals in five of the eight events that he entered.  It seems that MISTER Kennedy is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the tournament trail and at the National next year.  Speaking of which, the National casting championships next year will be held in Lexington, Kentucky.  Lovely people and lovely area!

Havenít heard much from Craig Blundon for the past month or so as he suffered a badly broken wrist that proved to be a real downer for him as well as a lot of time lost from work.  Should be better soon and back in action with the rest of us.

Sheila has had her best casting season ever, winning medals in every event she participated in and topping it off with the third place bronze in 1/4 ounce spinning accuracy in the North American Casting Championships in Oakland, California last week.  Third best in all of North America.............all right, eh!

Unfortunately I have to finish this Reel Thing with some disastrous news in regards to myself.  At the Buffalo tournament back in July I somehow managed to completely sever the long head, the main section, of the biceps in my right arm.  After consulting the best orthopaedic surgeons around I learned that it is irreparable, even with an operation and will never mend!  Ouch!  Nevertheless,  Dr. Ron Taylor (ex-Blue Jay pitcher) took charge of my daily therapy for the two week interim before Sheila and I were scheduled to leave for the National in California and somehow performed miracles by bringing me to the point where I would at least be able to participate without pain.  Unbelievably, I managed to come up with four bronze medals in the six distance casting disciplines with the big rods.   I think that this only proves that experience, competitive spirit and willpower is often as important, if not more important, than physical ability in any sport!

The next event for us is the annual Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Championships for both the expert "A" Class and novice "B" Class, September 14th & 15th at Milliken Park.  Trophies and medals in both categories with merchandise awards in addition for the novice section.  We will need five or six people to help with this fun tournament...........PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE FOR EITHER OR BOTH DAYS.