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The Reel Thing
Autumn 2009

                       Greetings, everyone, it has been awhile since we were able to sit down and put together the club’s bulletin, Reel Thing. However, a lot of water has flowed over the ‘falls’ since then and I’ll attempt to rectify that situation with as many of the tid-bits that I can recall that might worth consideration in the re-telling. In the meantime, we’ll re-introduce the club bulletin, but simply change the previous regular, monthly format. For now, unless we happen to suddenly become deluged with interesting material to tell you about, we will attempt to continuing issuing the REEL THING, but on a, more or less, quarterly basis.

          We have much to tell you about, but first and foremost is a brief, but important summary of several medical issues that I and several of us in the club who have had to deal with rather scarily in the last year or so, some of which escalated big time. Paul Quarrington, old buddy and long-time club member and Captain of 1995 National Casting Championships, conducted by our club fifteen years ago and possibly once again in 2010 next year, is fighting a difficult battle with lung cancer. We are in the corner with you Paul and all our hopes and wishes will somehow assist you with the fight in your possible recovery.

          Only a couple of weeks ago, Rick Matusiak, Canada’s finest trout fisherman, owner of a couple world fishing records of his own, after helping us with packing and loading the car and trailer heading off to Northern Quebec for our thirtieth crack at the world’s biggest brook trout shortly after he said his ‘bon voyages’ he got shot down, suffering what turned out to be a near-fatal stroke. Fortunately, though, he had his wits about him and able to get a ‘911’ call and an ambulance rushed him into the emerg’ at the Mississauga General. It was ‘touch and go’ for a few days, but Rick once again proved his resilience and is already discussing the possibility of a return to the Broadback for the 2010 trip next year.

          As far as ‘The Old Guy’s’ situation it had already been documented several times by me and others, suffice to say, with my eightieth birthday just around the corner, it appears that the doctors believe that I’ll be around for a few years yet, although with the strokes and cancers we’re fighting through and considerable loss of strength in my fishing and tournament casting regimen, there are days when I sometimes wonder.

          Unfortunately, our casting practice program went awry when the garbage strike killed any chance to possibly work around it……leaving those spare hours we can find otherwise, were left and consigned to go fishing…….oh well, damn shame, eh! Sheila and I, though, were lucky to attend a few of the summer competitions, Scarborough, of course, Kentucky , Toronto , Cincinnati and the National in Mississauga , collecting very little metal on the casting circuit along the way this year.

          Fishing-wise, not a great deal to tell you about, other than that, our thirtieth, Broadback River trip was, as always, memorable, four brookies in the 20 inch range, many and huge pickerel, a few soakers with broken rods for us to rebuild, and the highlight of the trip, an absolute ‘monster’ of a speckled trout that Paul Kennedy had on his line for a few moments, but not apparently, well-hooked……then ‘released’. All four of us had a good look at the brute as it rolled and porpoised on the surface allowing us to easily see that the trout would have been the record brookie that we have been seeking all those years. Alas, it will be even bigger next year but maybe one of us will have another shot at it next year.

          Ray Cockburn had a fabulous day of fishing on the ‘ Red River ’ stretch of the Ganny a couple of weeks ago. He reported that his son, Andrew, fishing with Ray, his father, caught seven large brown trout, releasing all but one that was too deeply hooked to save and release, that one a twenty-seven incher……a gorgeous catch and I’m sure one that provided the family a wonderful meal. Jurgen, as always, caught a number of browns and salmon over the last several months……when he wasn’t tying and selling his feathered creations.

          Not a lot more to talk about in fishing news, except we are reporting that with the fall fishing season we trust and hope that there will be more to talk about in the up-coming months…….especially with our club’s annual Fall Fishing and Camping Trip in a few weeks. If there is anyone who isn’t aware of or heard about it and would like to join the rest of us for this one, please get back to Paul, Maria, or myself…..P.D.Q. final arrangements can be made.

          We are back casting in the gym this Thursday Evening, where the trip can be further discussed. Also, coming up in a couple weeks, Wednesday, October 7th……. and based on discussions we have had on a number of important topics already, the club’s Annual meeting coming up shortly will be most interesting. The itinerary for the fall and winter season will be sent along to you all, shortly.