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   The Reel Thing – December '06

Only three weeks left before our second biggest function of the year, our Christmas Party and Casting ‘Do’ in the gym on Thursday, December 21st (From 6:00 P.M. to ………….) Maria and Sharon are doing a great job of organising everything and it should turn out to be one of the best evenings we have ever had in the old gym. If you have any questions that have not already been answered by the ladies, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 647-668-4900 Maria’s cell phone, or Sharon at 905.472.2733. Of course you can also call Jim at 416.438.8540.

           Because of doctor’s orders to get lots of R&R before my up-coming operation, Sheila and I are going to Panama for a couple of weeks and leaving the party’s details in the above’s very competent hands, but will be back in time to share in the F&F, frivolities and food. It is to be hoped that some of the folks whom we see only occasionally, or fish with, Rick, Paul, Patrick, Roger, et al, will be out to the party and bring along their up-date stories and (edible Christmas Goodies) for us all.

           If there are any folks out there from all the other clubs who get this bulletin who would like to partake in our annual celebration with us, please know that you would certainly be welcome, just give one of the folks listed above a call please to let them know you would like to join us  for the evening. (I trust you read and understand this, Peter, Harvey, etc.)

           We are getting fantastic fly tying exhibitions in the shop from Jurgen Brech lately with the proof of the pudding being in the catches he has been making on steelies up to twelve pounds and as many as fifteen a day on his feathered productions. That’s a great deal better than a few of us have been doing in Haliburton in the last month, Jim Lloyd to be excepted from that statement though as he continues to take money from me on the fish bets every time he and I go up north. Ray, Brian and I did hit another lake, Sludge Lake, last Saturday and I managed to get a couple of rainbows to clean their clocks in that regard.

           Still no word from Rick on his efforts up at Georgian Bay, but I’m sure he’s been making inroads on the trout population up that way lately. I guess we’ll find out at the party. It’s good to see Kent Taylor and his charming wife, Carolyn getting back into the club’s activities after a bit of a hiatus. They have been involved in ball room dancing for awhile now and have promised to grace our party in the gym on the 21st with a small exhibition of their prowess……we’re all looking forward to it and who knows, might even give it a whirl, ourselves. Obviously some of us who shall remain nameless need a lesson or two in handling ourselves more gracefully. Just kidding, folks!

           Our skidoo is primed, on the trailer and ready to go when we get back in a couple of weeks (weather permitting) and if any of our hard-water buffs would like to join us, please give Jim or me a call or drop us a note accordingly. Even after I go in to the hospital on January 4th, you’re welcome to use the skidoos that will be up where we stash them in Haliburton. We only ask that you keep them fuelled for the next guy and only go if one of our regulars, familiar with the machines, goes with you. They are, Jim, Ray, Tas, Lee and Jurgen.

           There will be no more shop activity until January 16th…..unless you contact Jim and he is able to assist you with your projects at his own shop. There will be casting in the gym next Thursday, the 7th and then at the party on the 21st. We shut down for Christmas and begin casting evenings again on January 11th. Please make a note of this on your calendars and schedules.

           See you all soon,