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 THE REEL THING                                                                             December 1988


Well, as this is the last day of the 1988 year we thought it was time to review some of the year's highlites and going-ons, as far as our club's members and activities are concerned, anyhow.  I promise, there will be no mention of the 'Ben Johnston fiasco' or

'Free Trade fiasco' in this bulletin.

All in all it was a fine, if not spectacular, year for the club, beginning, I guess, with a couple of great ice-fishing trips in January where the quantity might have been lacking but the quality of the catch more than made up for it.  A twenty-two inch brook trout, pushing the five pound mark, turned out to be not only the best catch of the winter, but as far as we know, the best of the whole fishing season.  The casting activities began with a bang after the Christmas holidays last January and an injection of enthusiasm was injected into the Monday evenings with the addition of a number of new members.  Quite a few of these folks came to us from the Cousin George store and entourage - largely with the idea of sharpening there casting techniques and out of curiosity.  Some moved on after awhile and, as usually happens, a few really appreciated the club's ambience, other members and direction, quickly becoming important cogs in the overall scheme of our operations.

The casting 'competitions' at the Sportsmens' Show in March proved once again that we must be doing something correct as we continued to garner our share of the awards.  The Juniors once again led the way with our older plug and fly casters also raking in the trophies.

The first club trip in May turned out to be an exciting one for Marty Calvert (his nineteen inch brook trout ended up in the taxidermist,s hands) but the weather played dirty tricks on us by blowing the still-unmelted surface ice onto the access shore so that we were prevented from fishing A/B for the first half of the trip.  However, fishing was great, even though the catching was not up to snuff.

The spring rainbow trout season began with a bang for most of our club members with some of the more notable catches, in my memory, anyhow, belonging to Rod Noble, Ian Hay, Steve, Brad and Allen, Leon Schwartz, Rick Madden and so on.

Casting tournaments also began in May, continuing on through the summer, with some surprising results from all of our more competitive-minded members.  Medals and trophies were captured by various sectors of our casting fraternity and not just the more experienced tournament casters. A few of the newer members who showed that they were quite capable of staying with the 'big boys' were Jack Dean, Rod Noble, Dave Stone, Rick Green, Rick Madden, Leon Schwartz and so on.  I appologize if there is someone whose name has temporarily escaped me, because I know there were quite a few others who also exceeded their, if not our, expectations.

Our own efforts on the targets and the distance casting fields proved rewarding this past season with overall titles in most of the major competitions that we were lucky enough to participate in.

A North American record in the National Championships in August turned out to be our personal casting highlite.

The outdoor Monday evening casting sessions at the pool were very rewarding for those who took part in the activity and several new members and in some cases, their families, also helped make the evenings even more enjoyable.  Our fly casters, Rick Madden, Fred Bigioni, Leon Schwartz, Jim Smith, John Alexander and all the others improved and polished their fly casting prowess immeasureably.  The plug casters, not to be outdone, also honed their techniques.  Some of the regulars hardly ever missing an evening at the pool were John Birch, rod Sills, Barry Scannel, George McConnachie, Greg Gungner, Jack Dean.  Sorry guys and gals, I just don't have room here to mention everybody.  Many thanks are due to those members who supported these activities over the season while commiseration is offered to those, who for one reason or another, were not able to participate as often they would have wished.

As the summer wore down and the fall season progressed many splendid catches were being reported, with smallmouth bass in the five pound class (Rick Madden) twenty pound salmon on flies (Rick Madden) jumbo pike and pickerel (John Birch) leading the hit list.  Our fall annual club trip to the Saugeen River was once again a successful outing, although as is usually the case, we had to 'work' for everything we caught.

The indoor casting season this past fall picked up right where we left off at the summer pool with a resurgence of interest from vely lady from Calgary, Alberta.  We hope to renew our fly tying  sessions and instruction as soon as we get the rod making completed.

As usual, we wound up the year with a lovely Christmas party, attended by most of our members.  It was a fine evening of conversation, great food (courtesy of Ian Hay and Irene Johnston), a fun competition (Sheila and Rod came up with the top scores) some of my old fishing movies, some nice prizes and gifts and a lot of laughs along the way.  Again, many thanks to John Alexander and all those who helped organize the party.

As I look outside and see my snowmobile loaded and ready to go (A/B Lake) I realize that it is also that time of year when we must begin the onerous chore of collecting membership dues.  Hopefully, this year, it will not be the difficult task that it has become in former years.  Please, either mail a cheque, or preferrably bring it out to the school along with your tackle, as soon as possible.  Club dues are due as of JANUARY 1.  Unlike most things nowadays, there is once again no increase in our fee structure: Junior - 20.00, Adult - 25.00 and Family - 35.00.  We encourage the family (35.00) fee wherever it if financialy comfortable, as first of all we would like to see more women and children partaking in the club,s activities and secondly, our association can use the extra few dollars to the benefit of the whole club.  

Casting re-commences after the school holidays on January 9th.  We are all looking forward to seeing you then.  Some of our members have adopted the habit of calling us when they cannot attend the Monday sessions for whatever reason - a very thoughtful and courteous gesture and much appreciated by the rest of us.

Sheila, Rod and I want to wish everybody a very best of the season and an absolutely super year in 1988.