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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  December 1993


As I put together this last club bulletin of 1993, I can't help but think back on what has been quite a momentous year for the Scarborouh Fly & Bait Casting Association.  We have grown to quite a viable and strong force in North American casting circles with our beautiful new facility in Milliken Park anda the remarkable input from all, I repeat ALL, of our members in the club's various activities.

We won medals awards and trophies from the Sportsmens' Show to the North American Championships in California.  We competed in horrendous weather, teeming rain, in St. Catharines and oppressive heat in the U.S. - but we came out with medals wherever our club put in an appearance!  Congratulatioons to everybody, including all those who helped out with all the necessary legwork and organization to make the two tournaments that we conducted, Scarborough Open and Ontario Open, such a huge success.  A big thank you to all our club members.

We have reached the situation now with the competitive talent in our club that we must seriously consider sending more of our better casters to the big tournaments in the states.  Think about guys and gals!

Those casters who took advantage of our video night at the school will reap considerable benefit from their respective cassettes if they take the time to study them carefully at home, then put into use what they have learned at the gym.  We will try to work that evening in again in January as it proved to be quite popular, but when we do please bring your own blank V.H.S. cassettes that we can record on.

It loks like we should have a new member joining our group this evening, or shortly, who has already shown me that he is a long way from being an angling neophyte.  Rick Matusiak is an angling expert who can show all of us in the club a thing or two about fly fishing and trout fishing in general.  He even has successfully raised brook trout in his home!  I've seen the video and it is an eye-opening experience, believe me.  Along with this young man's ice fishing exploits, we're looking forward to spending more than a few hours with him on both ice, water and the targets this year.

Tonight's the big night for all our club caster's (other than North Jory and myself, who will officiate) to strkutt their stuff.  It is our annual indoor club championships for the individual fly and bait casting honours as well as the beautiful combination all-round championship trophy with their name permanently engraved.  Past winners include Dave Collins, twice, Paulo Conceicao, Brad Allen, John Allexander, and I think Walter Brech.  It should be a good battle this year for top honours as we have had many of our casters show big improvement along with a real competitive feeling within the club generally.  We will hand out the overall championship trophy tonite with the individual award certificates, first to third, to be distributed at the Christmas party next wednesday evening at Rod Sill's home.

Which brings us to next item on our agenda:  Rod and Irene have once again kindly consented, no that's wrong' kindly offered to host the party and provide the goodies at their expense, so let's make it a rewarding experience for them by everybody showing up for this one.  Although Irene insists that we bring nothing, I'll leave it up to yourselves what you thing you should do to reciprocate.  The party will commence at about 7:30 and we have been invited to bring our bathing suits, bottoms only, as those who wish to can have a dip in their lovely swimming pool and a respite in the hot tub for a few minutes before we attack the food and the party really gets underway.  Please, no children for this one if you can possibly avoid it.

Rod's address is 90 Dale Avenue, Apt #1503, Scarborough.  The entrance phone code is #164. Phone number, 265.8161. Dale Avenue runs west off Kingston Road a short distance east of Scarborough Golf Club Road before connecting up with Scarborough Golf Club Club Road.  If you have any questions, kplease call Irene, Rod or me.

Tonight, sadly will be our last night at the school until after the Christmas holidays.  We begin again on January 5th with our regular fly tying night.  I hope that some of you get fly tying vices for christmas along with a few feathers and stuff, now that ou club fly tying equipment is seemingly gone forever. 

Our agenda idea seems to be working fairly well but a number of you have either lost the original agenda or misplace it so I have included another for your records.  We adhere to this to the best of our abilities.  The bamboo rod making classes are also moving along quite nicely and there should be several of these beautiful wands finished in time for the May the first opening next year.

We had a phone call from our friends who operate Windermere Lodge in Haliburton the other day wondering if we are heading up there again on New Year's for the Speckled Trout opening.  I have to let them know by NEXT SUNDAY in order to reserve a cottage in time for this one.  We need at least 8 people to make this at reasonable cost ($125.00 per person - all inclusive).  It's first-come first-served, so better let me know immediately if you're interested.  A fifty dollar deposit will guarantee your place.  We have a couple of new lakes that we intend to give a go this year as well as A/B.

Some of us will go up Friday morning and the others trickle in as they can.  Don't forget their huge hot tub (bring your bathing suits and bikinis - bottoms anyhow)