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 THE REEL THING                                                                                 December1996


Sheila and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members, along with their family and friends a super Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

The competition for this yearís honours as club casting champion was keen and right down to the last toss of Paul Kennedyís spinning rod.  He was neck and neck with both Fred Bigioni and Leon Schwartz until then although having cast a remarkable score of Ď98í in dry fly had already put him in the winnerís circle in the fly casting segment.  Fred took the combined championship all round trophy, though, with a superior round in the plug casting using his bait casting outfit, to go with his 95 in fly .  Fred proved that his winning the trophy last year was no fluke by repeating again this year with a fine combined score for the two events of Ď191í out of 200.  The club congratulates Fred Bigioni!  Paulís total was 189, just beating Leonís fine 186.

Ashok Kalle finished third in the dry fly with an excellent round of 92 in his first ever competition while Paulís results were equally amazing considering his new job hours didnít allow him a single eveningís practice prior to the tournament and all fall.  Our youngest fly caster, Kyle Sullivan gave it his best shot and took home several awards in the Junior section.

In case youíre wondering, Sheila, accepting my suggestion, deferred to the newer club casters and didnít compete in this one.  We would like to thank Leon and Len for looking after things on the evening that Sheila and I had to attend City Hall for the Bi-Centennial Awards Ceremonies.  It was pretty exciting for us to have been selected and included in this list of Scarboroughís 200 most WHATEVER over the past two hundred years!

Obviously our club trout opening ice fishing trip will be postponed a week or so. No Ice!  If you are planning on going on this one please call me as soon as possible and Iíll give you the details.

Next Wednesday, the club will be hosting our first open fly casting seminar and fly tying clinic.  Hopefully we will have a fine turnout of both guests and members to assist with the instruction.  We have added new vices and a couple of fly rods to our arsenal for the occasion.  This will be our last night at the school until January 89th, 1997.  It also signifies the end of our calendar year dues structure. 

For those of you who are on-line the club, with the assistance of Ashook Kalle, the President of Pathway Communications, now has its own Web Page and E. Mail handle.  You can reach us at with your letters and questions.

Letís hope that those members who for one reason or another were unable to take advantage of the fun, companionship and expertise of their missed evenings at the club this fall will make a concerted effort to get out to the school with the rest of us in the New Year, at least, occasionally.