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 THE REEL THING                                                                                December 1997


We have a new club All Round Champion for 97/98.  Paul Kennedy, took first place overall with  scores of 94 in dry fly and 91 in plug casting.  Congratulations Paul!  Imagine what his scores will be when he gets a change in shifts in his job at Consumers Gas and is able to get out and practice more often.  Paul Quarrington shot a fine 91 in dry fly for second place and Jim Lloyd took third with an 89. Second place in plugs went to Sheila, whose 86 nosed out Leon Schwartz,  tied with Kyle Sullivan with 82 for third place.  Kirk Apel finished a stroke behind Leon in fly and 3 strokes ahead of Paul Quarrington in plugs.  Young Kyle Sullivan is going to be quite a caster if he keeps improving and working at it the way he did so far this year.  Kyle’s total score for the two games actually placed him a couple strokes ahead of Kirk.  (Sorry about that, Kirk….I guess you missed too many evenings of practice.)  Rick Matusiak showed up but preferred just to play Santa Claus on this evening, arriving  with a bag of Christmas goodies.

         All in all it was a fine evening.  Watching Leon and Sheila go head to head in their hotly contested bait casting round was probably the highlight of the evening, along, of course with both the Paul’s casting beautifully and Jim Lloyd’s great 89 in dry fly.  Speaking of Jim, he brought over a superbly crafted wooden case he just constructed to hold his increasing stock of rods and reels.  Also, watch out Paul, Jim has announced his intentions to compete in a number of casting tournaments on the circuit this year.  Now if we can only get Len, Craig and Kirk to back up their words with action, our club should have a bang-up year of competitive results. We were all disappointed that Len Connelly, Mike Crilly, Craig Blundon and Ashok Kalle, a few of our better casters and fun guys, didn’t come out for our Christmas wind-up and casting tournament.

         Nothing to report on the fishing fronts, other than trout season opens in Haliburton on New Year’s Day and hopefully several of us will be working over the Brookies over on A/B lake.  Len reports that only he and I are definite in the bamboo rod building department so far.  A number of others have indicated their willingness to partake in the program, but Len is still waiting to hear from them in order to order the bamboo culms.

         We are back in the school gym on Wednesday, January 7th and the following week we will be holding our annual club business meeting and election of officers. This will be an open meeting to all paid-up members, speaking of which, our annual dues are payable as of January 1st.  Please get your dues in before the annual meeting!   If you have any suggestions that you would like incorporated into the club’s format, please put them in writing and bring them to the annual meeting for discussion. 

         *Our members have been invited to travel to Sarasota Florida to do a little salt water fly fishing by a local fly fishing club in the area.  Let me know if you are interested.  Sheila and I wish you all a Happy and Successful 1998.