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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  Februaury 2001

            Well here we are already in the second month in the third millennium and there’s still  a lot of great trout fishing to be had out there.  Witness what the fellows in our club have produced since the hard water trout season began here in January:  Paulo Conceicao, four beautiful Brook Trout, from A/B Lake, Jim Lloyd, Rainbows and Splake from Limit and Beanpole Lake, along witha bet-winning Brookie from A/B, Ray Cockburn, a fat Splake from Coburn Lake, Jim Davidson, a gorgeous Rainbow from Beanpole and I lucking out with enough Brookies, ‘Bows and Splake from all the above lakes  to make about ten pounds of Gravaadlax and several delicious evening meals.

            The ice fishing this winter is turning out to be one of the most productive seasons in recent memory………….but…and it is a big but……it becoming physically demanding, especially for us old fellows.  Because we are getting almost record snowfalls in southern and central Ontario, there is such a huge weight of snow blanketing the lakes that they have been unable to build their customary 20 to 25 inches of good ice.  Therefore the weight of all that snow is pushing the ice down, with water squeezing up through the myriad cracks in the ice surface.  This creates a foot or so of slush as the snow sucks up the water and the enormous layer of snow on top of everything acts as an insulating blanket that prevents, even the thirty degrees below zero night-time temperatures, from freezing and tightening up the conditions.

            Just getting around in this mess is great exercise and preventing one’s boots from filling up with freezing water, a challenge.  Compounding the situation enormously is  the mess we get into with the skidoos when they bog down in this stuff, with the slush freezing into the machines’ undercarriages.  I don’t think our wives have the foggiest idea how hard we work just to put food (the odd fish dinner) on to the table!

            We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest addition to the club, Peter Gulde.  Peter, present member Hans Gulde’s son and a member of our club almost ten years ago, has re-joined, even though he now lives almost forty miles away from Scarborough.  With a salt water fly fishing vacation on his agenda, Peter decided that it was appropriate for him to get back into our fold to work on his fly casting skills.  Peter will also be able to hone  his fly casting abilities next summer on the bass cruising the shallows just a few feet from his home on Scugog Island in the lake of the same name.

            Although the fly tying action in the club, largely due to Instructor Leon Schwartz’s absence, has been in the doldrums, our rod building fraternity is hard at work on a variety of split bamboo wands.  Jim has built a new hollow and fluted cane beauty for the trout fly accuracy game that should pile up even more medals for him this year, if his results with it in the gym are any indication.  If any A.C.A. competitive casters would like one of these, Jim would be pleased to build the blank for them at the very reasonable price of $325.00 U.S.  They could then finish the rod according to their own handle and fittings preferences.  Jim can be contacted at 416.438.8540, or e.mail at

            Another gentleman utilising some of the skills mastered in the S.F.& B.C.A. is young Richard Sluce who has been making superior Despair Trout Flies and selling them to a wide number of Canadian and American fly fishermen.  I can personally guarantee that Richard’s Despairs are worth every penny spent to obtain them.  They can be purchased directly from Richard for $25.00 Cndn. a dozen, sizes 4, 6 and 8’s, or $20.00 a dozen for quantities of two dozen, or more..…….a real bargain for our American friends!  He can be reached at 416.905.837.2772 or e.mail

            ***We have a few members who haven’t attended any of our meetings for quite a long time, yet profess to still be part of our club, although for one reason or another have found it difficult to attend regularly.  This is a special plea for you folks to please make a solid effort to get out to the gym at least once or twice before spring when we move outside to Milliken Pond.  We have a number of new members who see your names on the club list and would like to meet you all.