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 THE REEL THING                                                                             February 2006


Well here’s a little twist, folks; instead of getting the bulletin out late as often happens, we’re putting it together this morning, a couple of days earlier because I have a considerable amount of final editorial work with the publisher of my newest book, which has now been re-titled, MEMORIES OF MAGICAL WATERS. With forty or fifty pictures going into this one, captions had to be written for each photo and decisions made as to which of the many hundreds of my fishing and casting pictures would be most apropos considering the text. Quite a few of the folks reading this bulletin will be pleased (hopefully) to discover they are in the book. There are still almost twenty of the special initial one hundred numbered and marked collector editions (signed by the author) unclaimed.

            We would like to take this opportunity to welcome two more members into the fold: Bob Van derVoet and Maria Voltsinis. Bob in only his first couple of weeks with us has already integrated himself into the shop work ethic on our Tuesday evening sessions and has shown that he will become a force to be reckoned with on the targets in the gym before long. Bob is a big guy and I’m looking forward to getting him out on the distance casting field in the spring-time. I am sure he will be giving our other ‘big guy’, George Monroe, a run for the money in the big games.

            Sharon and Sheila will be having a little more company on the distaff side of things in the club now that Maria has joined the club. In just her first evening in the gym she displayed a remarkable propensity to correctly put into practice the lessons she was receiving from Sheila and Ray with her spinning outfit. Maria told us that our club was exactly what she has been seeking for some time and she wants to learn everything we can teach her about fishing and casting. She is young and eager enough that I am sure she will and probably be joining some of us on the tournament circuit, too, before long. We all appreciated her comment, too, that we seemed like a great bunch of guys. Welcome aboard, Maria and Bob.

            A little bit of ‘bad news’! We were just informed the other day that the casting section of the Toronto Sportsmans Ass’n, which has apparently fallen on hard times, has merged with the Westhill Anglers in order to be able to continue operations. We all trust and hope that they can once again become the viable force in the casting world that the old Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association were before their name was changed. Jim Lloyd came up with a good laugh: he commented, “I thought The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association was the longest name in the game, but I guess these guys will be calling themselves The Toronto ‘Sportsmens’ Association Casters and Westhill Angling and Casting Club.” Good luck to you, fellows.

            Because the weather in January in these parts has been so topsy-turvy, our regular weekend ice-fishing sojourns have been sorely curtailed, however, Paul Kennedy and I had a great day trying out a new lake in Haliburton for brookies a couple of weeks ago with action on the buzzers all day long. Jim Lloyd followed that up with me, yesterday, taking three bucks from me for the first, biggest and most. That’s nothing unusual for Jim, but I hope I can recoup next weekend when Jurgen and I also give Haliburton a try. Pat Walsh is also due for another hike into the Haliburton wilderness with us. He, too, enjoys taking money from the ‘old guy’ on these fishing bets. Oh well….I’ll get even with these fellows on the streams when fishing opens there in the spring.

            Here’s a list of 2005 scheduled casting tournaments. Those with asterisks are competitions we hope to attend:


 1) February 11, 12 - Long Beach, California  - Southwestern

 2) May 13 - Chicago, Illinois  --Spring Classic

 *3) May 20, 21 - Blue Grass, Lexington, Kentucky

           *4) June 3,4, 2006 -- Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

 5) June 10, 11 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 *6) June 17,18 - Cincinnati, Ohio

 7) June 24, 25 - Chicago, Illinois  Illinois State

           *8) July 31 - August 5, 2006 -- ACA National -- Long Beach, California

 9) August 26, 27 - Chicago, Illinois  'The All American'