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The Reel Thing
February 2009

Hi y’all……

          Okay folks, as you can obviously see, we’re a little late in getting out the Reel Thing out to you for a bit of a look-see…..I say a look-see because I really don’t have a lot to tell you about at this time. Things are progressing well in the club however and of course we must tell you that our Annual Club Christmas Party was a great success and we also had the pleasure of some of the wives attending. Another highlight for us was having Paul Quarrington at the party comparing notes with Roger Cannon and the rest of those whom we only see occasionally. However, now that Roger is officially retired we expect that that situation will change and we will be seeing a great deal more of our erstwhile fishing buddies and he believes that he will be able to pursue even more of his favourite past-time, fishing.

          A couple of weeks later we held our Club Novice Casting Championships and this week, last year’s champion, Brian Farrugia, was able to repeat last year’s results with a superb score of 98, certainly good enough to take the overall championships, although Ray Coburn made it a decent fight with a better score by a few points with a better score in the plug casting round. We’re expecting exciting results in the up-coming spring and summer competitions this year with especially our own Scarborough Championships then the National event that will be held in August, right here in our own back yard in Scarborough. Whereas in most former years, the ‘National’ was held in as far away as San Francisco, Jim Lloyd, for example, lives only a couple blocks away from where he will be casting our Scarborough Championships this year minutes from where we both live. No excuse for our not doing well this year.

          Fishing, once the hard-water season began, has been a disaster. Initially, as I readied my tackle, skidoos, and plans for what we were sure would become a great ice fishing season, as fishing in the fall a couple moths earlier had been excellent with record catches, winter dumped on us, big time! So much snow had fallen and continued to fall that after two unsuccessful attempts to get deep enough through the bush to get through to the lake, we decided to instead just sit around and just some or our old fishing movies instead. Finally, after almost a month of this totally frustration, Roger Cannon and I decided to try our luck once again when it appeared that that the conditions had changed enough to head up to Haliburton once again.

          This time we made it to the lake and within thirty seconds I was I was into what felt like the biggest trout I’ve ever had on the end of my line……it felt huge! Then began doing it’s best to empty the spool on my Fish-O-Buzz. I put more pressure to try to stay the trout’s run. Alas! It got away…, the line wasn’t broken…..I sadly must report that the carelessly tied knot gave way and it was ‘released’! When fishing for the monster brookies on the Broadback River or casting for distance in competition I always fasten double improved clinch knots but occasionally tie the simple clinch five, turn knot. Possibly, too, foolishly with only a single turn on the mono. No excuse! Just lazy I guess.

          And as it turned out, we did have three or four other chances, but with the barometer dropping rapidly, the trout displayed all the symptoms of lock-jaw. There would b e no trout for the pan on this occasion…..possibly we’ll get another crack as Limit Lake next weekend and maybe get the little #10 hook back that was left in the trout’s jaw. If anyone else would like to join us next week please call us soon.

          Some rather exciting news just came our way this morning.  It has just been confirmed that, as one of the six folks going to have a permanent STAR PLACED ON SCARBOROUGH ’S WALK OF FAME on May 28th in the Scarborough Town Centre. This is pretty exciting stuff. One week later, is the weekend of June 6th and 7th.