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THE REEL THING                                                                                  February 1991


As this is the first edition of the Reel Thing to be produced since our Christmas party and Novice Club Tournament our readers might deduce that we have been in the doldrums, activity-wise.  Not so!  It's exactly the opposite and this is the first opportunity that we've had to put one of our club letters together in quite a while.

Congratulations, once again to David and Ela Collins who made it a family runaway with the competition back in December.  Dave won the over-all title to go with his first place in the dry fly, while Ela took the Silver in the baitcasting event.  Others who placed well in the standings were Pete Durnford, Fred Bigioni, Rick Madden, Rod Sills and, of course, Sheila.  This was the best attended, yet, of our club novice tournaments with 16 members giving it their best shot.  Great to see that kind of enthusiasm!

Our fly tying sessions wrapped up in December with 5 or 6 new afficionados learning the 'intricacies' of this very practical and pleasant pastime.  We learned that the basic steps in fly tying are really quite simple and while practicing the routines over a 10 week period, mastered the construction of the three basic types of Trout flies and nearly a dozen patterns.

Our bamboo rod making classes are now well under way with 8 of us hard at work splitting bamboo and shaping the strips into fly and spinning rods.  For a total cost of less than thirty dollars it is quite likely that some of the rods that will be produced by our club members will have a realistically marketable value in excess of a thousand dollars.  Mind you though, there will be an average of thirty hours of work expended and more than a few nasty cuts along the way from the bamboo.

The fly and bait casting sessions at our new gym are moving right along with improved performances from everybody.  Kim Potvin's fly casting skills have reached the point where she certainly is well qualified to display her skills on A/B Lake during our April ice-out trip.  Dave Collins continues to sharpen his rapidly aquired skills with both the fly and his spinning rods.  Every so often Leon picks up one of the bait casting rigs and shows everybody that

this year he will be a force to reckon with in all categories.  North Jory and his young protege, Matt, are also regular attendees with North proving to anybody who watches (or listens) that he is as sharp as ever.  Jim Lee and Fred Bigioni continue their fine work with their fly casting skills, while Fred, keeps his hand in with the bait rods, as well.  Sheila and all the others also continue to hone their skills for the up-coming casting season, both on the water and on the competitive courses.

We haven't heard, as of yet, whether we are invited to participate in the casting events at this year's Sportsmens' Show, but hopefully that invitation to compete there once again will soon be forthcoming.  We will keep you informed accordingly.

We already have verbal confirmations from 5 or 6 members who would like to participate in our ice-out trout fishing trip this spring.  Because of the accomodation and costing arrangements this trip, as in past years, will be limited to the first 8 members to get their money in.  However if we get 4 more paid, then we can take a total of 12.  It's either 8 - or - 12, and it will have to be on a first-come, first-served basis.  The cost for this 2 night and two day trip is only $100.00 and that includes accomodations (including the infamous giant hot tub) 2 shore dinners, 2 breakfasts, Saturday night feast and snacks.  Entertainment and guiding services can be arranged separately with Leon Schwartz!!!

Speaking of Leon, the club owes him a real show of gratitude for his response to our request for a T.V. set to be used in conjunction with our cam-corder for casting instruction and practice.  He was kind enough to donate a perfect little T.V. set to us for this purpose.  Thank you, once again, Leon!

Apart from the regular tournament circuit here and in the the States this year, there are two very large events in the works for this summer.  I can't give you complete details yet, but suffice to say that they both appear to be reaching fruition in terms of dates, details and so on.  At least one of these events will include fishing for Atlantic Salmon and the other, God knows what.  It also appears that most of, if not all, of the travelling and accomodation expenses will be paid by the hosts.  If you are interested in further information and possibly participating, please get in touch with me personally as soon as possible.  Both of these junkets will be strictly on an invitational basis.


Club members have managed several trips this winter to Haliburton

so far, but nice catches of Lakers, Rainbows and Specks are reported by John Alexander, Leon Schwartz, Jim Lee and yours truly, with some of the Speckled trout in the 20 to 21" range.  Rick Madden and probable new member, Scott Purcell have had good luck on Lake Simcoe with herring, pickerel, large perch and lakers up to nine pounds.  Paulo continues to nail lovely Brown Trout along the Lake Ontario shoreline.  I know that many others have also had luck this winter, but shyness, or something, keeps them from reporting the specifics to us for the Reel Thing.  Come on folks, we all like to know how the other guy is doing!  Give us a call so that we can report on who is doing what - and where.

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association now has the largest enrollment in its history, but participation in its activities continues to be limited, it seems to a relatively small number of members.  Let's all see what we can do as individuals to get more people involved.  After all, our strength as an association lies entirely in your hands - and the more hands actually taking part in the various club functions - the stronger we become!  If you have any suggestions that you feel would be helpful in increasing attendance, please let us have them.

This will be the last call for membership dues.  Most of our members have already submitted their annual $35.00 dues, but there are still a number of club members who have yet to remit that small fee.  Unfortunately, due to high postage and other costs, this will be the last REEL THING to go out to members who have not got their dues looked after by the next mailing.

IMPORTANT; Once again, those wishing to participate in the spring fishing ice-out trip must get their deposits in as soon as possible so that we can finalize the arrangements.

The next bulletin will include the dates for all the up-coming events and competitions for 1991.

Our rod making classes should conclude in about 4 or 5 weeks at which time we will re-commence fly tying sessions in order to get ready and stocked up for the opening of Trout season.

Don't forget to make use of our extensive collection of angling literature in the club's library.  Call me, or John Alexander, the custodian for books or information.  The last Reel Thing included a complete list of our stock for reference purposes.

See you at the gym,