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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  February 1994


We have two new members to welcome to the club in John and Chung Fong, two chaps who are already well into their flycasting program, as well as working on the initial stages of making their own bamboo fly rods.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and it is nice to see Steve, Ron, Roger, Fred and others helping them refine their fly casting techniques.

We don't have a great deal to report at this time, but knowing that you all are sitting on pins and needles while waiting for the current copy of our club bulletin, we will make an effort to bring things up to date on the club's activities.

The casting sessions are going great guns, which augurs well for our results at the up-coming Sportsmens' Show casting competition.  Over the past seven years our club has managed to win many trophies at the show, with our rookies, kids and ladies representing us in fine style.  This year should be no exception.  If you haven't received your entry form for the show as of yet, please call me as soon as possible, or if you wish, you can call Pete Edwards at 487.4477.  There will be casting categori­es for Junior, Ladies, and Men in both experienced and beginners clas­sifications in fly, spin and bait casting.  This is strictly a fun outing and not to be taken too seriously from the competitive side.  The thing is to try your hand at it, have a little fun, and cheer on the rest of our team at the same time.  All those submitting their entry form, and competing, will receive general admission passes to the Sportsmens' Show, as well.

There is very little to report on the ice-fishing front - probably because it has just been too damn cold for most of us!

Although the club's fly tying equipment boxes still have not shown up, these sessions have continued with all the tyers contributing materials when necessary and most of us nicely replenishing our fly boxes to get ready for this year.  Our bamboo rod making sessions are also well underway, with several rods nearing completion, with a number of new ones started.

The World Casting Championships are being held in Switzerland this year and I hope to represent Canada, and, of course, the Scarborough Fly & Bait Casting Association, that is if I can raise the necessary funding, about $3,000.00.  I still have to qualify; however that should not be a problem, as I have never failed to qualify in the past.  It would be wonderful if our club members could somehow come up with the necessary financial help for Sheila

and me to participate in this - or at least generate ideas for raising the required funds or sponsorship.  We would be prepared to reciprocate in any manner with potential sponsors.

The deadline is fast approaching for anybody wishing to participate in this year's annual ice-out speckled trout fishing trip to A/B Lake.  The date for the trip will probably be  the weekend of April 29th, or (depending on ice conditions) the following weekend.  We will be staying at Windermere on Kennesis, the lodge with the giant hot tub.  There is room for ten on this one and it has to be on a first-come first-served basis, so get your deposits ($50.00) in to me immediately if you don't want to miss out.  The total cost, including lodging, and meals for this great weekend is only $125.00 per person.  We have to reserve the cottage (forward our deposit) pretty soon or we may lose out completely, as this spring fishing is rapidly becoming more popular on all fronts.

A number of our club members have taken advantage of our suggestion that they give Kip Van Kempen Insurance a chance to quote on their general insurance coverage and in most situations report that he has been able to save them a considerable amount of money - in the hundreds of dollars in some cases.  Just call him at 420.9650 and identify yourself as a friend of mine and a member of our club.  I can guarantee you that Kip wields a sharp pencil.

The club owns a large quantity of broken graphite rod sections and these are available to anyone who would like to assemble a fishing rod or requires guides and tips for replacement.  Just one of the many advantages in belonging to a club like ours!

Sheila and I are planning on holding a giant, weekend-long, lawn sale this spring, with a great deal of outdoor equipment, camping, fishing, clothing and so on.  This will probably be about the middle of April, weather permitting.  If anybody wishes to investigate the items ahead of time, just let me know.  There is over fifty years of stuff accumulated that has to be drastically thinned out - before we are forced to move into a bigger house.