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 THE REEL THING                                                                             February 1995


Brrhh!!  Damn, it's cold out there today!  So cold that I can't seem to recruit anybody  to go ice fishing with me at all!  I guess our club has mostly fair-weather fishermen now...........too bad I lost old buddy Jack Wilkings and Leon Schwartz 'discovered' fly fishing.  Not only that but since Dave Collins broke his ankle on the ice of A/B Lake last year he hasn't participated in the hard water stuff and not only that, we are losing him to the United States of America.  More on that later.

 Before I forget and start rambling about other things I would like to welcome on behalf of all of us in the club three new members, Chris Seipio, Keith Weeks and Phil Selvaggi.  These three chaps are bringing a fresh flow of enthusiasm to our weekly get-togethers, along with considerable experience in fly fishing activity.  It appears that Steve, Scott and Paulo are going to have their hands full this year to repeat their medal and trophy romp of the last couple of years at the Sportsmanen's Show and tournament trail.

These guys are good casters already and keen to sharpen their skills with us.........even to the point of practicing distance fly casting outside of the gym in sub-zero temperatures!

It's nice to see Debbie Osborne back with the club as well.  However, on the down side of things, we still have almost twenty unpaid memberships!  This is very discouraging to say the least and we don't think it is fair to put us in the position of having to chase people down to pay their dues.  If you haven't looked after this as of yet, please do so immediately.  Thank you.

Dave Collins received an offer of employment in the states that was just too good to refuse and unfortunately for the rest of us, will be parting company with Scarborough at the end of February.  This, of course, is a huge loss for the S.F.& B.C.A., however we all wish David, Ela and the kids the very best of luck in his new endeavours.  As you all now Dave was instrumental in our bringing the National tournament to Scarborough, along with tremendous involvement in its actual organization as the Captain of the event.  His enthusiasm and drive will be sorely missed.  However, we are most fortunate in having found someone to step into the breech without any loss of momentum in our progress. 

Paul Quarrington has agreed to accept the job of assisting Dave as an Alternate Captain should Dave not be able to convince his new employers that he is required in Scarborough for the first week of

August.  If Dave cannot attend, then Paul would, of course, assume the duties of Captain of the 87th North American Fly & Bait Casting Championships, himself.  Paul is aware of the responsibility of the position and has promised to commit himself fully to the exercise.  He has previous National tournament experience and is actually in the process of completing his newest book which is all about tournament casting and fishing, along with the relationship between the two sports. 

Nothing to report on the fishing front other that Rick Matusiak is at it again..........this time making another of his fabulous videos, with underwater photography, of ice fishing......this time for brook trout instead of rainbows.

There is still quite a bit of Jack Wilkings' fishing equipment available at unbelievable prices.  The list includes fly rods, reels, lines, waders and so on at prices that considerably less than wholesale!  Most of the tackle is either brand new or in mint condition.  Now we have agreed to also help his wife by obtaining Jack's huge assortment of fly tying equipment, supplies and fantastic storage set-up.  Here is your chance to pick up those odds and ends that you have always wanted for basically a song and dance.  Call me soon, as folks are already making inroads in this.

Everything is falling into place efficiently for the 'National' with everybody on the committees doing yeoman work and it appears that we have no signifigant hurdles to clear now that Jim Lee has agreed to assist Irene Johnston with the record and score keeping set-up on the computer.  We have obtained a promise from the regional director of 10 selected Boy Scouts to assist us as gophers in the tournament.  They will also be available to train and work in our own Scarborough Championships on June 10th & 11th. 

This brings us to the tournament trail:  it appears that we will have super representation in the Sportsmens' Show this year (March 10 - 19) and in the other competitions to follow.  If you haven't received an invitation from Peter Edwards for the show yet, call me as soon as possible so that I can register you and get you your pass to the building.  The next tournaments are:

June 3         -  St. Catharines         

  "   3 & 4    -  Bluegrass Open        (Lexington, Kentucky)

  "  10 & 11   -  Scarborough Championships

  "  17 & 18   -  Canadian          "   (Toronto)

  "  24 & 25   -  Great Lakes       "   (Columbus, Ohio)

July  1 & 2     -  Lancaster Invitational (New York)               

July 31 - August 5  87th North American National  (Scarborough)