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 THE REEL THING                                                                                February 1997


I just want to say here that all the new members who joined the club in the past six months have displayed an eagerness to learn whatever they can from the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association - as well as being willing to participate and assist wherever they can.  These are the kind of folks that we are always hoping to have aboard and at this place in time I can honestly state that we have in abundance in the club.  Itís an exciting time for the S.F..& B.C.A.!  Now if we can only get some of our missing members out on Wednesday evenings we will be really sitting pretty.

Sheila and I were fortunate enough to have been invited by Ashok Kalle to accompany him on a trip to fly fish down in the mangrove islands on the Gulf of Mexico, close to my sonís home in Tampa.  It was a super little holiday with the fish cooperating quite nicely and some 7 or 8 different species hitting the flies that we tied during the flight on the way down.  Ashok certainly proved that he had learned to use the double haul effectively when he encountered little difficulty with the strong Gulf winds. 

Len Connellyís first effort at bamboo rod building has proven to be a worthwhile endeavour and with the cane cut and glued, he simply has to build the handle, wrap on the guides and varnish it.  Nice work, Len.  Mike Crilly is only a few steps behind Len and both should have their rods completed shortly.  Several others, including Ashok, Paul Kennedy also have new sticks underway.  Kirk apel and Frank Di Norcia, two of the new guys, are improving rapidly and say they canít wait to get outside to try out their new-found skills.

Kyle, Graham, Mike and the rest of our kid crew have progressed nicely with both their fly tying  and their casting making great strides.  I can state here quite emphatically that if we can keep these lads with us for a few years that they will be collecting medals and trophies in abundance.  Hopefully several of us will be making an overnighter skidoo and ice fishing trip down to the Land Oí Lakes this weekend to test the brookies in a couple of lakes down that way.

We will be booking the cottage at Windermere again this year for our annual ice-out weekend in Haliburton.  The tentative dates for this one are either the 3rd of 4th weekend in April.  We will make the booking in early March and must have confirmation and deposits in by then if you wish to enjoy this weekend.  We will be fishing in A/B Lake and in case you arenít familiar with this lake, here are a few facts about it.  A/B contains only Brook Trout and some years they can be rather tight-lipped, however we have caught as many as 30 or 40 14 to 22Ē specks there on a couple of our club trips.  Most are caught on flies, but Sheila slays them with the G.D. Crocodile!  The lake is well stocked and this should be one of the more memorable trips as far as production.  Regardless, this trip is a fly fishing and casting learning experience, a lot of fun (we pile into a giant hot-tub at the end of each day) great shore-dinner and cottage meals.  The cost, this year, is $125.00 per person and includes cottage, meals and shore-dinner.  Unfortunately, we can accommodate only eight people, so the first 6 committed to joining Sheila and me will be the lucky ones.

Our page is now on the (web) Internet, even though it is still under construction, with Len and Ashok assuming the responsibility for its design, and we have received a number of inquiries already about the club.  The site can be found under WWW.Pathway.casting/~com     Our E.Mail address is

Many thanks to the both of them.

 I have an Evinrude 5hp outboard motor for sale at $495.00 and a 12í Harbercraft aluminum car-top boat for $595.00, if anybody is interested in a nice little fishing combination.

I have been informed that there will be no casting at the Sportsmansí Show this year because of rebuilding, but May and June will be bringing the trout openings as well as several of the casting tournaments that we normally participate in - including our own Scarborough Casting Championships  (Novice and Expert).  This is the time of year when you should be putting the finishing edge on your technique with both the spinning and fly rods, so trot out your equipment, bring it to the gym and letís see how you make out.  The clubís new fly rods are there for anybody to use and we will be upgrading some of the other equipment soon as well.

Rick Matusiak, expert and champion angler, is back in circulation and although he is quite busy doing filming and fishing assignments for Bob Izumi, we expect to see him active in our circle once again, pretty soon.   If you havenít seen Rickís newest fishing video give me a call and Iíll lend it to you.  It will knock your eyes out!

I am putting together this Reel Thing in Wellesley Hospital while I am waiting for Sheila to undergo a battery of heavy testing including a cat scan.  I hope that everything is okay although weíre a little worried as she has had an on-going severe headaches for several days  now.