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 THE REEL THING                                                                                February 1998


This is the last bulletin before next monthís Sportsmanís Show.  We have a number of folks who have already indicated that they wish to participate in the fun casting competitions that will be held in their new pool at the show.  We will have entries in all the plug accuracies, fly accuracies and the family competition.  If you havenít confirmed with either Leon (495.8180) or myself that you would like to be included please get in touch with us immediately so that we can arrange for your free pass to get you in to the show.

Although we have had a few great trips up north to a variety of lakes, ice fishing for brookies, they have been few and far between.  The exceptions were Paul Kennedyís gorgeous 20 inch four pounder out of A/B Lake (where else) and Jim Lloydís and my earlier catch, also from A/B.  A trip down to the Land Oí Lakes provided a few memories and a lot of excitement - but nothing for the pan.

Rick Matusiak, of course, continues to take rainbows whenever he feels the urge from Georgian Bay and its rivers.

Mike Crilly has his first bamboo fly rod finished and ready to use and itís a beauty.  Paul Kennedy has also done most of the work on his first stick and should have it ready for the ice-out trip.  If you want to get in on this, please call Len (269.6972) as he will be ordering bamboo for us any day now. Our new members are proving to be real assets to our club, working hard on their casting skills and chipping in at the gym as well as participating in fly tying and willing to try their hand at the Sportsmanís Show.

Itís beginning to look like we will have the best representation ever at the various tournaments this spring and summer.  Call either Paul Kennedy or myself for information on these.

Paul Kennedy is our new tournament organizer and is looking for all the help he can get for our own tournament scheduled for the third weekend in June at Milliken Park.

We would like to organize our annual ice-out trout fishing weekend a little earlier than usual this year because of the screwy weather.  Call me if youíre interested.

We will be purchasing some new equipment for the club, such as rods, reels, etc. for both accuracy and distance casting.  If you have any suggestions as to what items you would like to see us have, please call me as S.A.P.  I would like to have somebody volunteer to get the fly leaders,  and other tackle ready for the Sportsmanís Show, also we need somebody to rewire and paint our floating targets for the pond at Milliken Park.  This should be done soon to allow the paint to harden properly.

Last year I lent two Coleman coolers to somebody, but forgot who it was.  They have probably forgotten as well and have them in their garage, basement or someplace.  I would appreciate their return.

If you have any fishing, camping, or outdoor items you would like mentioned for either sale or swap in the next REEL THING, drop me a line with their description, etc.  Also if there is something you would like to obtain, we can put that in as well.  Itís surprising the amount of stuff that we all collect in our basements, dens and garages.  Let the REEL THING move some of it for youÖÖÖone personís junk is anotherís treasure.  I have the Sportsmanís Show passes for those who indicated that they would be casting.  Please pick them up from me at the gym.  Adam, Paul, Len and so on.