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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 2002

            I am a little tardy in getting the club bulletin out this month as there is not a lot to report and I’m trying to get used to a new computer, again.   I bought a Hewlett Packard machine in October, didn’t like it and turned it in on a Toshiba, a newer version of my old lap-top.  It’s taking me a little time to get used to it.

            We would like to welcome Brian Shannon, our newest member who along with Scott Owen brings us increased activity in our shop, tying flies and a desire to improve on his casting ability.  Brian has fished (successfully) for trout in some of the more exotic locales in Canada, including, God’s River, Great Bear Lake, Tree River, Algonquin Park and so on.  We expect that it won’t be long before Brian is challenging  for supremacy amongst all our angling experts in the club.  Hans Gulde is continuing to work on his fly tying skills and is now turning out excellent material for his spring assault on the streams and rivers. 

The fantastic fishing we were getting in November continued right into December and we fished in Haliburton almost up to Christmas – from our boats – not skidoos – thanks to the surprisingly docile temperatures.  It continued up to our last venture when Ray Cockburn and I had another go at the rainbows, Jeeping way back into Beanpole Lake then finding it frozen, heading for Limit Lake, only to see it also frozen.  Nevertheless on the way home we found little Sludge Lake free of ice and gave it a boo for an hour or so and didn’t keep a single trout.

            The last trip before the holidays was a half-day jaunt to the Beaver River for steelhead with Jaydee, Jim Davidson.  I had a terrific tussle with a giant silver bow, fresh-run from the lake.  It fought so hard that after about twenty minutes or so it was ‘released’!  Several days later I managed to temporarily grab a grouper by the tail, but the ten-pounder almost pulled my arm out of its socket………no that was not in the Beaver River, but on a reef in the Pacific out from Panama’s Contadora Island.

            After a week of soaking up the sun there, we were back in ‘Ontariario’ testing our luck at A-B Lake along with Sharon, Jaydee and Jim Lloyd.  With the barometer at rock bottom we fished through an all day drizzle, but the brookies had lockjaw.  Oh well, next Saturday we will skidoo in to Beanpole and see if the bows there are as cooperative as they were all fall.

            There are now at least five of us who own skidoos, Jim Lloyd, Jim Davidson, Paul Kennedy, Sharon McIntyre and of course, the Old Guy, giving us enough capacity to put together a lovely weekend trip to Haliburton to do a little ice fishing for brookies, bows and splake over a couple of days.  We would stay in a heated cottage at Windermere Lodge on Kennisis Lake and head out to do battle from there.  We have had many club trips of this nature in the past and they are a lot of fun (especially in the evening when we pile into Windermere’s giant hot tub before hitting the sack).  Cost would be about $125.00 for everything.  Please contact either Sharon, Jim, Sheila or me if you are interested.

We just received word that once again there will be casting at the Sportsmen’s Show during the school March Break.  The plug games will be on the first Saturday with the flies on the second.  All those casting will receive free passes to the show, but must indicate their wishes to me as S.A.P.  The ‘Show’ is more of a friendly exhibition than a competition and certainly as in past years our club should be well represented and probably garner most of the awards accordingly.  There are categories for both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ casters, giving everybody a crack at the fun and trophies.

            We are still waiting for a few members to get their 2002 dues in to us and have decided after discussions that this will be the last REEL THING that we will be sending out to these folks unless their dues are received before the end of the month………that’s only fair to those who do pay their club dues.