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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 2004


I know it’s not January, yet, but because Sheila and I are heading to Panama for a few week’s holidays and as soon we’re back we will be heading off to the Haliburton hinterlands to do battle with the brookies in A/B Lake. With all the fuss with the equipment, skidoos, etc., it would have left us with little time to put the bulletin together. Besides that, we had our annual Christmas party and casting ‘do’ last night, so before I forget what a great evening it was - and everything that took place - it seemed appropriate to record it before it was forgotten.

Before we tell you about the party and the casting results, I must mention that my son, Ron, the older one  (his brother, Randy, is the younger) has put a lot of work into developing a new website that will eventually be linked to our website,  It is a collection of the Reel Thing club bulletins dating back almost to the club’s inception, which he has chosen to entitle, REEL THING ARCHIVES. Ron felt and I agree that many of us and probably quite a few other folks would be interested and get pleasure in reading about the club’s activities, casting, fishing, rod building, fly tying and so on over all those years.

The work on the new site is almost complete, but you can preview it now if you wish by logging in to  Eventually, you will be able to link to it directly from our own club site.

Although three of four of our club regulars were ill and one had a funeral to attend….Sharon’s father had passed away….we still had a fine turnout with more than a dozen folks enjoying the evening. Several also brought their wives and children along. It’s a little disappointing that a few whom we had expected to come out for the fun didn’t call or show up, however the enthusiasm enjoyed and displayed by the those who did, certainly made up for their absence.

We close down now for the holidays, but are back in action in the shop Tuesday January 13th  (rod building) and gym (casting) Thursday, the 22nd.

The casting competition produced several pleasant surprises. Roger Cannon, president of Normark Canada and fine fishing buddy who is also the club’s principal sponsor joined us for the party and casting and although this was his first attempt ever competing on the targets proceeded to display a surprising talent for a neophyte. He shot a fine 74 in the bait casting round to go with an excellent 85 in dry fly giving him a total score of 159 which if he had been one of our actual members - and not just a guest – would have given him the club all round novice championship.

However, Paul Becker who has worked very hard on his games over the past year, edged out Ray Cockburn by four strokes with a combined score of 152, mainly on the strength of a great round of fly casting for a score of 84, to capture the trophy. Nevertheless, Ray, as expected, finished in first place in bait casting, shooting a great round of 88.

                Our newest club member, George Monroe, who commutes to the club in Scarborough from Rochester, via Buffalo, was persuaded to try his hand with the spinning game and did manage to keep from killing anybody, but shut us all up with his first ever kick at the cat on the dry fly course with a great round of 80 to take second place. Congratulations to all who competed. It must be remembered that although the rules are followed, this competition is run on a very casual basis with much kibitzing, thus the lower than average results.

          That wasn’t about to deter Jim Lloyd who along with yours truly, held our own little head to head battle at the conclusion. Jim absolutely slaughtered me with superb rounds of 99 to my 95 in fly and 100 to 88 in plugs! It would be a crying shame if Jim doesn’t join us in representing our club next summer in Lexington to compete in the North American Championships.

          As mentioned in earlier bulletins there is room for six on the opening day trout ice fishing trip, January 1st. Interested? Please call Jim at 416.438.8540 or while I’m away for the details. Also, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it has to be mentioned once again that a few annual dues payments remain unpaid. Please look after this oversight, fellows. It’s only fair to the rest of us.

          Heh, with Sheila and I going away for a couple of weeks, just think of all the extra time you will have to do other things without having to read all those e.mail notes I keep churning out every day, or so. In the meantime we want to wish everyone a warm, wonderful Merry Christmas and a beautiful and satisfying 2004.