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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 2005


General Club, A.C.A., Patrick Walsh, Patrick Crean, Bill Crich, Irene, Louie

                          The REEL THING January 2005

          We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the wonderful folks out there who prayed for me when I was at death’s door last spring. I received messages from virtually all over the world, from people I barely knew, some I have not had the pleasure of knowing and, of course, my many friends and acquaintances in the fishing and casting worlds. I have also since learned that my predicament was announced, somewhere along the line, to something called the prayer circle and apparently people all over the world who participate in it would have said a prayer for my recovery.

          I am not a particularly religious person, but their prayers certainly did not hurt and I am now here to offer my heartfelt thanks for their thoughtfulness… well as re-thinking my previous doubts about the power of prayer.

          Heh! It’s 2005, wow! Thought I’d never get to see it, so a happy, successful, healthy and prosperous New Year to you all. Oh yes - and tight lines and tight loops to everybody, too. I trust, also, that 2004 and Christmas was kind to you. It certainly was to Sheila and me!

          Our season wind-up casting ‘do’ and Christmas party was one of the best that we have ever had, with almost everybody participating in the fun evening. Some impressive results were turned in by a few of our club members. Jim Lloyd, as expected, easily kicked Paul Kennedy’s and my butts in both the plug and fly ‘A’ class accuracies, while one of our newer members, Harold Higdon, had a more difficult time edging out another of our new folks, George Monroe from Rochester, to take the all-round “B” title away from last year’s winner, Paul Becker. Ray Cockburn repeated as the plug accuracy champion and Scott Owen defeated George for the fly title.

          The results all auger well for the tournament trail next summer, beginning with our Scarborough Open Championsips on the first weekend of June and winding up with the North American National in Michigan in August. We’re anticipating taking a team to the National and I would not be at all surprised if we finished in the top five.

          I am actually putting this bulletin together on a pool-side table at the Decameron Marazul resort on St. Andres Island off the coast of Colombia in the south-west Caribbean, but a couple of days after we return, Jim Lloyd and I (perhaps with a few others) will be heading deep into the Haliburton Highlands to do battle with the brook trout in A/B Lake through the ice.

          We have no fishing results to report for December, but I am sure we will make up for that in the next bulletin with January’s ice fishing results. Yesterday I finally finished roof-reading and editing the book that other than a four month hiatus when I was ill last spring, I’ve been working on for two years now, MAGICAL WATERS AND MEMORIES. Fisherman, or not, I think you will enjoy it. The book covers sixty-seven years of my most memorable experiences in the world of angling.

          It should be a winner!

          All of you folks were invited by Sheila and me to participate in our Survival Celebration and 75th Birthday Party on Saturday evening, January 22. If for some reason or another you didn’t receive the first invitation, please consider this to be an Official one. We hope to see as many of you at our place as the walls can contain. There should be folks there with whom I’ve fished, going way back in my memory and should be a lot of fun as experiences are recalled and more than thirty photo albums are perused.

Although he is now in a Seniors’ residence, one of my dearest fishin’ buddies, Tony Whittingham, who suffered a debilitating stroke a year ago will be there to reminisce along with others with whom he fished on a number of occasions. Although the party will be a B.Y.O.B. affair, there will be drinks and snacks, but if you haven’t already confirmed that you’ll be coming, please do so as S.A.P. It’ll be a big help with the planning. Please, no birthday gifts, though, if you wish though, you can bring a cheque made out to the Scarborough Grace Hospital, the folks who saved my life.


          Sheila and Gord