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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1990


This is the first copy of the Reel Thing to go out since 'last year' and for those members who have yet to get their dues in, it may be one of the last that they will receive.   That was a rather strong statement to open up our bulletin with, but I am afraid that co-operation must be a two way street for me to retain my enthusiasm for putting together our newsletter.  Thirty-five dollars a year is a mighty small price to pay for the many advantages in belonging to the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association: camaraderie, expertise, instruction, fishing buddies and trips, laughs with Leon, automatic membership in the American Casting Association, fishing tips and general information, discounts on tackle and so on.  However, 'nuff said on that subject.

We are getting some wonderful results from our new fly casters on the targets.  Fred Bigioni is throwing a beautiful tight loop with a great deal of finesse and Peter Durnford and Jim Lee are both rapidly closing in on him.   Leon occasionally leaves the fly tying table to toss a round, or two, of his own and swears he will take revenge on Lee Wulff and the other members of the Catskill Fly Fishing Centre next summer.  He will do it, too, if he keeps improving at his present rate.  Our plug throwing contingent is keeping pace with the fly rodders and John Alexander, Rod Sills, Fred Bigioni, Jim Smith, Sheila D. and all the others are certainly giving good accounts of themselves.  It should be a great spring and summer on both the tournament target trail and the streams and lakes.

It is nice to have Nels Patterson coming out regularly once again and taking a firm interest in our activities.  His own casting prowess has improved imeasureably as well.  Paulo and Reinaldo also assure me that they will be back in the fold, beginning next week.  They both have been up to their eyeballs with one thing and another.  We should be seeing more of Rick Madden and Rod Noble as well now that their oddball shifts at work have stabilized.  We need these guys back.  They both proved to be key members in our club for a variety of reasons.  To all the others who I might have been remiss in mentioning above, I am sorry.  If you haven't been out for awhile, we miss you.  Try and make it for the odd Monday evening, even if you are unable to attend on a regular basis.

SPECIAL NOTICE - The Board of Education has asked us to cancel our meeting on the night of February 26, as the school requires the gyms for their own activities.  Please make a note of this on your calendars.  We will, as usual be closed out during the Easter break, April 16.

We haven't heard from our Maritime section for awhile now: not since we received a couple of lovely Atlantic Salmon, fresh from New Brunswick.  I can't say a big enough thank you to our Silver Medalist from last year's Canadian championships, Bill Hooper.  Beautiful, Bill!

We just received the January issue of the Creel, the A.C.A. bulletin and they are reminding us about the North American National Tournament being held this year is Oakland, California

in August during the week of August 5 through 11.  It would be wonderful if we could get together a contingent to attend this tournament.  It can be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Paulo, Leon, Sheila, along with a few friends and I gave the Land O'Lakes area a going over a few weeks ago..............or rather it gave us a going over.  A tough, tough skidoo trip in bitter cold up into the mountains of Eastern Ontario to look for Speckled Trout tested our mettle more than a little bit.  It was so tough that we didn't go back until the next weekend to give it a second go around and this time we tamed it and caught several Trout in the four to five pound range.  Great, eh!


It won't be long before the planning begins for our customary ice-out spring fishing trip and if you don't want to miss out on this one, be sure to let us know as soon as possible.  The next bulletin will contain all the details.

Our fly tying sessions are going great guns with new people becoming involved all the time and some fine work being produced by everybody.  Regarding the club dues:  I saw a four evening course in fly tying being advertised in North Toronto the other day for a 'mere' $65.00.  Our club not only has excellent instruction, but all equipment is also supplied to our beginners.  Another one of the many perks in belonging to our association is the wonderful angling library that the club owns.  The books are available for the asking.  Simply call John Alexander for a listing of what's available. John's number is 267.8834.

For a lovely evening out featuring a fish dinner (the best in the city by my reckoning) try our sponsor's place, The Fish House Restaurant.  The number is 497.5051.