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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1992


Sheila and I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to wish all of you, on behalf of our club and ourselves, a Happy New Year.  The past year has been a difficult one for everybody, but we believe that it can only go one way in '92 - and that's up!  If we all try to maintain that outlook, then it will turn around - and faster than you can imagine!  Believe it!

We are starting the new year off in bang-up style in the club with a new member, Colin Ford, a fly fisherman of some repute.  Colin makes periodic junkets out to the Bow River in Alberta, fishing for trout, so we are all looking forward to his taking a few minutes some evening and regaling us with some of his exploits on that fabled body of water.  Welcome to the club, Colin.  We also want to welcome Jack Wilkings back into the fold.  Jack was with us when our club was initially begun, in 1984, but for a variety of reasons has not been an active member for a number of years. 

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association prides itself in having members of Jack's stature in the angling world.  Very few fishermen have the knowledge, expertise and insight into fishing and the outdoors in general, that Jack possesses.  I hope that some of our younger - and perhaps, not so informed members - tap into this wealth of information that Jack Wilkings is blessed with.

We have had a splendid offer made to us by Steve Ryder and his father-in-law!  We have been offered the full use of their beautifully furnished (and insulated) cottage for a club fishing weekend - AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST!  It is on the shore of Lake Scugog and Steve will be organizing this fishing (or just plain relaxing) get-together, for a weekend in late February.  There will, of course, be some cost for your share of the eats and so on.  See Steve, or me for further details if you want to make this one.  The fishing, by the way, is for pickerel, the best eating pickerel in Ontario, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

While we are on the subject of fishing trips, it is not too early to make your plans and commitment for the 1992 ice-out trout fishing trip to A/B Lake.  This is our most popular trip of the year and once again we will be going to Windermere Lodge.  Most likely on the weekend of April 18th and 19th, this year (conditions permitting).  Total cost for this one, meals, G.S.T., etc., is $115.00 per person (half-price for kids under 16) and the first eight to get their money down will be guaranteed a spot.

At our first 1992 meeting, last night, we had a great turn-out and with considerable input from everybody, mapped out the itinerary for the rest of our indoor season.  We will make every endeavour to adhere as closely as possible to this schedule, but obviously, there could be changes in the format as we move along.  However, you are strongly urged to keep this where you can get your hands on it should assist you in making your Monday evening club attendance plans.  You may even wish to take a few minutes and mark your kitchen calendars, accordingly.  

All the activities referred to in the schedule are in addition to our regular practice and instructional spinning, bait, and fly casting sessions.  These will continue as always.

            January 13  - Informal plug casting competition.

            January 20  - Fly Tying

            January 27  - Informal fly casting competition.

            January 30  - (THURSDAY EVENING AT MY PLACE) Fishin' movies!

            February 3  - Fly Tying

            February 10 - Informal plug casting competition

            February 17 - Guest Speaker

            February 24 - Informal fly casting Competition.

            March 2     - Fly Tying

            March 9     - Informal plug casting competition.

            March 16    - Rod wrapping and repair session.

            March 23    - Informal fly casting competition.

            March 30    - Guest Speaker 

            April 6     - Fly Tying

            April 13    - Informal plug casting competition.

            April 18th & 19th - Ice-out trout fishing trip to A/B Lake

            In addition to the scheduled activities above, there will be several get-togethers prior to the fly tying sessions to view, study and discuss fly tying videos.  These outings will take place at my place, or possibly, Jack Wilkings'.  It was also suggested that some of our members could conduct mini-seminars on different topics, in 20 minute to half-hour talks, on several of our Monday sessions.  North, Leon and several others have already volunteered and we are looking forward to their offerings.