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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1993


Sorry it has taken so long to get this issue of our club bulletin out to all you patient members, but as many of you already know, there has been a very important project consuming pretty well every spare moment of my time for the past few weeks now.  However, we've got an hour or two so let's see what we've got.

* The response to our new tier-structured club dues schedule has been heartening with almost everybody choosing either the #2 or #3 category.  We retained the previous $35.00 dues only for those members who either where unemployed or down on their luck and it is nice to be able to report that only a couple of our members have selected that category (#1) so far.  If this delightful response continues with those who have yet to send along their annual dues cheques the club should be able to survive quite nicely without outside sponsorship.  Many thanks to Leon, Jack, Fred and the others who urged me to raise our annual dues to at least partially reflect the intrinsic values that membership in the S.F.& B.C.A. brings to its members.

             Well it's 1993 and another year is here.
So you had better get out your ice fishin' gear. 
'Cause the lakes are frozen and covered with snow,

You know there's only six weeks
Till the Sportsmens' Show.  

Now where else would you get great poetry like that included in such a small annual membership fee!

Paulo Conceicao, Scott Purcell and Dave Collins spent a couple of days with their families trying to nail Lake Scugog's elusive pickerel for a feast of fried fillets but their outings, although enjoyed by all, (especially the kids) proved only to be freezing fun-filled follies with nary a foolish fish for the frying pan.  Paulo swears, though, that he did get a couple of 'biggies' into the hole - but not out of the water.  Meanwhile John Alexander and his family have caught 25 or 30 assorted species of trout up at John's cottage and Sheila and I were fortunate enough to accompany him on one of these excursions where we had a nice feed of trout up north and brought home another feed or two as well. 

Sheila and I, along with good club friend and sponsor, Roger Cannon and family, also had a super weekend up at A/B Lake and Windermere Lodge.  Good fishin', beautiful country and great accomodation.  The proprietors of Windermere, on the shore of Kennisis Lake, Pat and Doug Lewis, have done a great job of revitalizing their lovely cottages since they took it over a year or so ago.  Nothing nicer than a day of trout fishing, then piling into their giant hot tub in the evening.

Leon Schwartz, Fred Leibl and Dave Usher (I think) have been hunting steelhead the last few Sundays in Duffins and Wilmot Creek and we nearly lost Leon when he found himself trapped in the middle of Wilmot, near the mouth, when the stream suddenly rose around him.  Oh well, if fishin' were easy we would all probably take up bingo and beer - or something!

The split bamboo rod-making sessions are going as expected with about 9 or 10 of these fabulous sticks nearing completion, but in various stages of development nevertheless.  Scott Collin, our resident woodworking genius (he builds canoes AND AIRPLANES) has designed an ingeniously simple version of our steel adjustable molds for planing the bamboo strips to completion, inexpensive, too!

The fly tying sessions are also going great guns with a few of the guys concentrating their efforts on whipping up goodies for the club's annual ice-out spring trout fishing trip to A/B Lake and Windermere Lodge.  As in the past few years this will be a first-come, first-served arrangement with room for 9 adults only.  The first to get their deposits into us will be the lucky ones!  By the way Leon has mastered the art of tying Michigan Wigglers and yarn flies and is teaching everybody how to put together these rainbow trout killers.  Now if only he could do a great Despair!

Roger Harwood, John Alexander, Fred Bigioni, Dave Collins, Fred Leibl, Leon, Sheila, Irene, Paulo, Rod, Peter, Scott Purcell, Scott Collin and everybody else have improved their casting (both fly and bait) to the point where we can expect to once again win the lion's share of awards at the Sportsmens' Show in March.  We should improve our performance at the Scarborough Championships (June 5th & 6th) and the Canadian Championships as well.  I have intent forms if anybody would like to go to the North American Championships in San Francisco next August.  These must be completed by March 15th if you wish to try to obtain a travel subsidy.  Completing the intent forms does NOT obligate you, but merely gives us an idea of your intent to try out for this one.  Also if you did not receive the invite to cast at the Sportsmens' Show, please notify me as soon as possible.  We must sumit your name as soon as possible if you wish to cast and receive passes to the show

John Alexander is offering a tremendous deal for those members who would like to try their hand at ice fishing for rainbow, speckled and lake trout.  His cottage is on one of the best trout lakes in Haliburton with some of the finest fishing right off his dock.  John would like to offer a complete weekend to the first four members wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.

The weekend would include meals, hot showers, skidoos, bait, heated fish huts (if you wish) and guaranteed trout action..........all for $100.00 per person.

There is also $25.00 in cash prizes to be won for catches in various categories.