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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1994


Sheila and I would like to wish all our members and their families and friends a super year in 1994 and hope that all your personal endeavours are successful.

The past year included many notable happenings in our club, not the least of which, were our Milliken Park summer activities; the Scarborough Open, the Ontario Open and of course the regular Wednesday evening practice sessions.  The summer was topped off there by the addition of our beautiful, new casting dock.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to get out to Milliken on a fairly regular basis last summer can hardly wait to get back to honing their skills on our lovely new facility next May.

On the tournament trail, beginning with the Sportsmens' Show last March, our club garnered over a hundred medals and trophies, including a number of awards and medals in the North American Championships by Sheila and me.  Other noteable medal winners were Dave Collins, Paulo Conceicao, Roger Harwood, Pete Durnford, Irene Johnston, Rod Sills, Scott Purcell and Ron Bolton.  There must be others who should be mentioned here as well.  The improvements in the casting skills, competitive and otherwise, in all our club casters in 1993 was quite an eyeopener for the folks in the 'other' clubs in Ontario.  1994 should be even more spectacular!

Fishing-wise, there were many reported successful outings (but, disappointingly, very few with enough details to write about) by our anglers, including Leon, Fred, Dave, Pete, Paulo and others.  A trip to the exclusive Franklin Ponds, courtesy of Bernie and Dorothy Ennis, several weekend trips to A/B Lake and stream fishing trips were the highlites for most of us.  Dave Usher, of course, made us all jealous with his successful junkets to the Arctic and Costa Rica.  Jack Wilkings, when he was well enough, made a dent in the trout up in Temiskaming on Blue Lake.  Rod Sills caught bass, pike and pickerel all summer when he wasn't working on the dock or cottage on the French River and finished the season there with quite a bang, but I'll let Rod tell you about it, himself,

"I had the thrill of my life, last fall, while still-fishing for bass, with a worm and small hook.  I thought I had caught a small one, but after setting the hook, all Hell broke loose!  About a hundred feet of line went out, then after ten minutes, or so, the fish finally jumped clear of the water.  Another twenty minutes passed and we were able to get him to shore (too big for the net).  There, it was finally identified as a 47" long muskie, weighing approximately 35 to 40 pounds.  Believing in 'C.& R.', I cut the line and watched my '93 highlite slowly move back into the French River - probably heading for the safety of Georgian Bay."

It would be nice if we could get more written reports like Rod's for our bulletins this year - thanks Rod.  The North American Casting Championships will be held in Toronto this year (August), along with three or four other tournaments. We hope that our club will be properly represented in all these competitions.  I know that we already have the talent in our club to shake people up - so let's do it, eh!  We will probably be hosting the big one ourselves in 1995, so we should all sharpen our skills accordingly.

1993 saw several bamboo rods completed, with Scott Collins producing two of these gorgeous wands himself.  Our fly tying sessions have improved along with the tyers' personal skills and both the rod building and fly tying sessions should flourish in 1994 as well.  Irene and Rod hosted our annual Xmas party and as always did a bang-up job.  From all of us, once again, thanks guys!

We were disappointed that the proposed banquet and trout opening ice fishing trip to A/B did not come off as planned, but maybe there is anough enthusiam out there to re-schedule both of these activities.  Now is the time to begin thinking about participating in the club's annual spring ice-out trout trip to A/B. Speaking of which, the speckles are fat and saucy in A/B this year.  Dave Collins, John Alexander and I hit the lake for opening day last Saturday and took enough beauties for a few feeds.  HOWEVER, Dave let his enthusiam get the better of his good judgement for a brief moment and it cost him dearly.  I'll tell you what happened, briefly, because Dave is writing a summary, himself, for me to include in the next bulletin.  He was tending the campfire on shore, only fifteen feet from his buzzer when it beeped and in his excitement he leaped to the ice to get there quickly, but slipped and went down like a ton of bricks - breaking his ankle.  Not too much fun, with a fairly long skidoo run to get out of the bush, but with his leg up on a couch and in a cast, he has plenty of time for now to contemplate just how 'dangerous' this sport of fishing can become!

We have a couple of new members to welcome to our club: Rick Matusiak (already a super angler) and Brad Brown, who was the recipient of a membership as a Christmas present: nice idea!

*Here are a couple of different trout streams for you to check  out this year. Let us know how you do so we can share the results  with other members.

                        D'Aubigny Creek          Whitman's Creek

                        Skunk Creek           Cold Creek 

                        Bear Creek!           Mad River

                        Upper Sydenham River