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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1995


Good news for those of you who like to have a go at the speckled trout in A/B Lake occasionally.  Our favourite lake is once again turning out beautiful brookies.  John Harrison caught his limit of lovely trout around the two pound mark while Rick Matusiak and I were lucky to catch four specks in the 20" - 21" range to go along with the smaller ones. As Rick would say, "Nice fish, eh!"

Plans are coming along quite nicely for the A.C.A. tournament in August, but we still would like to hear from everybody in the club about what part you would be able to play to make this event a great success.  Even the smallest time contribution would be appreciated by Dave, Steve, both Scotts, John, Rod, Irene, Peter, Debbie, Mike, Rick, Paulo, Doug and the rest of us who have already committed ourselves to working to the best of our ability to bring credit to the S.F.& B.C.A. for making this a memorable occasion for us and the City of Scarborough.  Please contact either Steve, Dave, or myself if you feel that you owe our club a little reciprocation for the angling and casting pleasures and knowledge that you have received from being a member of our association.

Things are heating up in the gym with great results from our casters.  Both the fly targets and the plug targets have never been assaulted with as much determination as has been happening lately.  Looks like everybody realizes that the skills learned and honed in the gym provide much increased pleasure, along with superior results, when we are on the water (in a few months) - whether casting at targets, or fishing on streams, rivers and lakes.

Remember, a free membership awaits whoever achieves the highest attendance at our regular Wednesday evenings over the calendar year. A couple split bamboo rods have been completed recently, with 2 or 3 others in the final stages.  

It's great to see Mike Dinner back (and extremely active) in the club once again, even though he lives up at Mount Albert.  Mike is one of our club's original founders and is working hard on the A.C.A. tournament and in all aspects of our activities and growth.  His son, Brandon, is proving to be a terrific fly caster as well.  It's also wonderful to have Rod and Irene back in the fold after their temporary hiatus.

Congratulations to Fred Bigioni our new All Round Club Champion and runner-up Donald Cox.  Each of these winners were awarded DINNERS FOR TWO at two of the finest Chinese Buffet Restaurants in Scarborough, The Mandarin and the Chinese Buffet King.  Fred shot a marvellous score of 98 in the dry fly portion of the combined championship to clinch the cherished All Round trophy.

Things are moving along quite nicely once again after the school Christmas holidays and we will be commencing our fly tying program on Wednesday the 17th.  Also, it appears we already have three eager new members who should become great assets to the S.F.& B.C.A. and I believe there will be a number of others coming along in the next few weeks.

Accordingly, we would like to offer a sincere welcome to Paul Kennedy who has already demonstrated the kind of enthusiasm and cooperation that we appreciate in our members.  Paul is obviously quite receptive to the instruction he is receiving with his casting and should be right up there with everybody before too long. 

Although we have had a number of M.D.s in our club over the years we have never had the pleasure of having a Veterinary Doctor. 

That is about to change as Don McLean of the McLean Animal Centre on Kennedy Road is about to come aboard.  Don is already an ardent fly caster, having cut his teeth fly casting for the 'big stuff' down in Florida.  We are looking forward to his participation in our club activities.  Don is also an excellent fly tyer and states matter of factly that he ties several thousand flies every year!  Wonder if he can tie a Despair.

Perhaps the biggest treat we have received recently is our third newly arrived member - one we have been attempting to bring in to the fold for several years now - Matt Ross's father, Don Ross.  Don swears that he had never cast with a bait casting outfit before, but already he is banging bells and targets at an alarming rate.  Now it's easy to see where Matt gets his talents from.  No offence to his mom, Pam, but we haven't seen her cast - yet.

Paul Quarington's newest book, 'Fishing with my Old Guy' is selling nicely and I can assure you is a fun read.  It also documents quite a bit of casting history as it applies to our club and yours truly. Paul tells me that he also has several potential new club members in tow.

If we can muster 5 or 6 members who would like to have an ice fishing weekend trip to Haliburton, we will put it together as S.A.P.  The cost would be about a hundred dollars, everything included.

If you have a particular pattern of fly or some other activity, leader construction etc., you would like to work on please get back to me with your ideas.

*** There will be an annual general meeting of the S.F.& B.C.A. at my home on Thursday evening, February 15th at 8:00 P.M.  This will include an election of officers to assist in the affairs of the club.  Only members in good standing, i.e. annual dues fully paid, will be allowed to attend and participate.

I have had an excellent meeting with Skip Crosby and Paul McNabney of the Scarborough Parks and Special Events Departments and they have assured me that they will be involved in the expenditure of the profit that we made by hosting the National A.C.A. tournament last summer.  They intend to not only monitor the activity but assist us with the decisions as to how best to utilize these funds in the overall interests of the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association.  Many thanks to these gentlemen in offering to assist with the situation, an onerous task, at best.  We are looking forward to purchasing and up-grading the majority of our club equipment once this is done.

*** Once again I am pleading with whoever has our bamboo rod-making mold to please get it back to us.  It has been missing for over a year now.  If you are too embarassed to bring it to me, then please drop it off at the school head office at your convenience.  These things cost over $500.00 to replace and along with the loss a couple of years ago of close to $2,000.00 of reels and fly tying equipment, it left us feeling rather disappointed that these things could occur in a small club like ours.


                 Ice fishing weekend?

                 Annual General Meeting.

                 Bring a friend to the club with you on Wednesdays