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 THE REEL THING                                                                                January 1997


This being our first club bulletin of 1997, Sheila and I would like to wish  everyone a great year and, certainly, tight lines.  We have had several new members in the last little while and would like to offer a big welcome on behalf of all of us in the club.  Adrian and Graham Pratt, a couple of youngsters have shown considerable enthusiasm and have already become pretty fair fly tyers and are working hard on their casting.  Kyle Sullivan will have to watch out as these guys are going to push him to stay on top of our junior section.  Hopefully we will soon be getting our real Ďtop guní Junior caster, Matt Ross back in the fold as well.  Kirk Apel and Frank Di Norcia also joined us and they both look like they want to learn everything they can from the club.  Their skills are being honed quite rapidly with help from Ashok, Len, Leon and myself.  Mike Crilly is also quickly catching on to the fundamentals of tossing a tight loop.  We have another new member, a Junior, also named Mike.  Leon has being conducting the fly tying seminars lately and doing a splendid job of it.

We fortunately had an offer which we jumped at of the use of Len Connelyís workshop to work on building bamoo fly rods.  Mike Crilly, Paul Kennedy, Ashok Kalle and of course Len availed themselves of the opportunity and their new wands are well underway.

For those of you who have access to the Internet and E.Mail, you should know that our club now, courtesy of Ashok, has its own web page site  It should be added to shortly though as it is still under construction.  Our E.Mail address is

Missing, but not presumed dead: letís hope that we get them out and back in action soon; are Club Champion, Fred Bigioni, Craig Blundon, Jim Lloyd, Paul Quarrington, Matt Ross, Robert Voore and Kip Van Kempen.  Although we have been getting nice turnouts on a regular basis it would be wonderful if we could get some or all of the above to come out occasionally to throw a few and tie a few with the rest of us.  Give us a call, folks and let us know when we will be able to once again enjoy your participation in our activities.

There are still a few members who havenít submitted their dues for 1997.  Please get your cheques into the mail or better still bring them to the club as soon as you can as we are updating some of our equipment and have to pay the school board for our rent before the end of the month as well.  Dues became payable on January 1st.