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 THE REEL THING                                                                                January 1998


In case we missed seeing anybody over the past month or so, Sheila and I would like to wish everybody Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year.  It goes without saying that we also wish you all tight lines, great accuracy and phenomenal distances.

 We have four new members to welcome aboard, Tom Sluce and his son, Richard and Ray Cockburn and his son, Andrew.  Tom’s phone number is 905.837.2772 and Ray’s, 431.6735.  All four have already indicated their enthusiasm, also demonstrating that they are  good listeners, quick learners and blessed with considerable skills.  The young lads will make Matt and Kyle, our other two young hot-shots work for everything they get!

 ***The big news is that casting is back in the Sportsmen’s’ Show after several years absence and we are, of course, invited to participate.  Over our club’s fourteen year existence we have captured many, many trophies and awards at the show and with the crew that will be representing us this year, we don’t anticipate that the results will be any different.  Leon  Schwartz is hard at work correlating lists of those who have indicated that they would like to cast in one or more of the six fly and bait accuracy games being held.  There are classifications for most categories, age, gender and skill levels.  Please call Leon, 495.8180, as soon as possible if you would like to participate in this fun week at the Sportsmen’s’ Show.  In consideration for the T.S.A. who are running the casting and in the interests of limited time, we will restrict the number of our entries to eight for any one event and conduct our own qualification competition in the gym if the numbers should exceed that.  Show entry passes will be provided for all competitors.  Contact Leon or me if you wish more information.

Ice fishing has been decent at A/B Lake, with some nice brookies for the pan and Jim Lloyd releasing a couple he estimated between five and six pounds.  I have unearthed great news about a number of other trout lakes…….we’ll check out a few of them this winter and spring…….maybe giving A/B a rest.  Rick (Super-Angler) Matusiak has done it again, knocking down at least eighteen large rainbows in one morning up at Georgion Bay.  He kept a few between five and eight pounds, releasing the rest to fight another day.  Damn!  I would love to know what his secret is………although Rick claims that he won’t go fishing without his lucky charm in his hip pocket……a tattered, old copy of my first book, Fishin’ Hats.  Oh well, as Len would say, “There yah go, eh!”

We held our annual business meeting and I am pleased to report that it was well attended.  As a matter of fact, if all the folks who came to the meeting all came out to the gym, we would require another set of targets.   The only real change in the executive sees Jim Lloyd taking over the job of secretary from Paul Kennedy, who will oversee tournament operations and Len Connelly replacing Craig Blundon as 1st V.P.  Craig  becomes 2nd V.P.  It was suggested and agreed upon that we have a ‘telephone tree’ and this will be organized by Mike Crilly.  Leon Schwartz had assumed the difficult job of  ‘Social Director’, basically organizing and correlating club functions and events.  He is already hard at work obtaining information on Sportsmen’s’ Show hopefuls, our bamboo rod-building classes and several planned fishing trips: April Ice-out trip to A/B and a salt water fly fishing trip to Florida, an invitation from the Pensacola Fly Fishers.  Nice to see Adam Rightmyer back in the swing of things and eager to participate and assist in our various committees.

Our rod building gets underway Monday Jan. 26th , courtesy of Len and his workshop.  We have purchased a bale of bamboo from New Jersey, so with lots of material, we are now prepared to teach a few more members this valuable hobby.  Fly tying gets underway in earnest this week after a little hiatus and Craig has offered to assist Leon in this rewarding endeavour.  We have seen very little of Ashok Kalle (214.6363 Extension 822) formerly one of our most enthusiastic members.  I would like everybody who receives the Reel Thing to give our old fishin’ buddy a call and tell him how much we miss his presence in the gym, at the fly tying table and at Len’s bamboo workshop - to say nothing of our fishin’ excursions.  Another member who obviously requires a little push to get out and practice with the casting season almost upon us is Matt Ross.  If you have a moment, give Matt a call, too.  Speaking of ‘no-shows’, where are Kirk and Franco?  I recall Kirk issuing a challenge last summer to the world that he would be unbeatable in one year.  Better get out and practice, Kirko!  Jon Gill will be a regular again, now that he is finally a father after a rather difficult time for all concerned.  All three Gills are okay now. 

***Here’s a juicy tid-bit for you:  Call this 800 number, 667.1940. They will connect you to any Ministry of Natural Resources local office in Ontario, free!  For example, ‘96 and ‘97 stocking sheets are now available.  Just call and they will send them out to you, free.

If you own a skidoo and would like to join a few of us for a weekend (Feb. 14th & 15th) in the Land O’ Lakes, fishing for brookies in a couple of Ontario’s best trout lakes,  call Jim, Leon or me.