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 THE REEL THING                                                                             January 1999


It’s certainly a Happy New Year for our club secretary, Jim Lloyd!  After five or six trips to A/B Lake with the rest of us, he finally caught his first trout in that often barren-appearing body of water.  AND WHAT A TROUT IT WAS!!!

Once again proving his patience and perseverance he diligently tended his line and kept the hole free of ice during another long day of watching trout being caught by another, me. About four o’clock, just as we were contemplating calling it for the day and packing up for the skidoo trip back to our car,  his buzzer sounded the alert and he was into the fishing thrill of his life.  With little ice on the lake (about 8” to 10”) the leviathan passed beneath the hole in the ice several times during its frantic efforts to free itself, just about causing Jim and me to have a coronary as we could see its length, breadth and girth.   How was he going to get this thing to co-operate sufficiently so that it could be worked it into the hole and to the surface where it could be grabbed?

After a lengthy and careful struggle, all the while wishing his line tested more than its six pound rating, he tricked the brute into poking its snout into the hole where he could then raise it  to the surface sufficiently.  It was pounced on by the two of us, then dragged up and out on the ice.  Like girls holding hands and dancing around a summer camp-fire, we high-fived each other, then cavorted childishly for a moment or two.  Jim seemed rather stunned by it all as I assailed him with exclamatory comments and congratulations.  He had shattered the previous A/B Lake championship held by Sheila for the past three years.  Her beautiful brookie had come in at twenty-two inches and a little over five pounds.  Jim’s magnificent speckled trout was almost twenty-four inches and six pounds!  

Sheila says,

            “Tell him to enjoy it while he can - until we have our ice-out trip to the lake in early May!”

Opening day on the lake also produced a limit catch of fine brookies, up to nineteen inches although negotiating the five-inch thick ice with the skidoos was somewhat unnerving.

Even bigger news than Jim’s mighty trout was that Paul Kennedy made it legal, marrying his long-time partner, Tressa, on January 2nd.  Paul contemplated going up to the lake for the New Year’s day trout opening but with his marriage scheduled for the next day, prudently decided to delay his assault on the trout until after his honeymoon in Florida.  I hope he enjoys his honeymoon and doesn’t sulk too much over missing the trout opening and surrendering his club all round championship at the December 10th competition.  He says, and I quote,

            “Because I hadn’t been to the gym since I got on this crazy night-time shift at work, I couldn’t find the school and the gym.  I spent a couple of hours driving all over Scarborough and finally just gave up .”   Yeah, sure, Paul!  (Just kidding.)

Paul’s misfortune turned out to be good fortune for Junior caster, Kyle Sullivan, who cast the round of his young life in Dry Fly Accuracy, 99!  This,  combined with his score in the plug event, gave him the overall title over our other two sensational Junior casters, Andrew Cockburn and Richard Sluce, as well as eleven of our supposedly superior adult casters.  Sheila, once again proved her superiority in the plug accuracy, finishing six strokes ahead of her nearest competitors, Jim Lloyd and Tom Sluce.

With so much news to mention I almost forgot to say that we are lucky to have an eager and talented new member in the club, nineteen-year old Fidel Campbell.  Fidel, already a reasonably accomplished fly caster has joined us with the idea of learning everything  he can from us about the sport and polishing his craft to its maximum.  Welcome aboard, Fidel.

Rick Matusiak took his wife, Rosemarie and son, Alex on a skiing vacation to New York State over the holidays.  Rick doesn’t ski!  I think the truth is he was just looking for more places in the streams there to test his fishing skills in the future.  Speaking of fishing, if anybody else would like to join us for one of the up-coming ice fishing trips (we go most weekends) please call either Jim or myself. The bamboo and fly-tying classes are well underway and Leon should be showing us his tricks with fur and feather beginning next week as well.

We are not getting much feed-back on the SWAP AND BARTER COLUMN in the REEL THING, here are a few tid-bits for your perusal:


Ruffed Grouse wings - Gord

Fly Reels - Jim Lloyd

Skidoo cover - Jim Lloyd

Size 11 or 12, Snowmobile Boots - Fidel Campbell

            FOR SALE

Assorted chest coolers - Gord

Tilley Hat (Brand-new, Large) - Gord

Micro-mini spinning rod - Gord

Six foot                       - Gord

Penn non-skirted spinning reel (Brand-new) - Gord

Spider Web Outfit (5/8th distance) - Gord

Assorted split-cane rods - Gord

Down Bomber Jacket (red) -Gord

            FOR TRADE

1987 Chevrolet Caprice for 1996 or better Jeep Grand Cherokee - Gord

Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment……………call us with your ‘stuff’…… wanted….or for sale for the next bulletin.

· Annual club dues were payable on January 1st, 1999.  So far, very few have paid their dues.  Please get these into us as soon as possible so that we can operate in an efficient manner.

Tight Lines in 1999