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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  July 2003


Hi Y’All:

            Sorry we’re a bit late getting the bulletin out this month. I just couldn’t seem to find the time and now with a plastic cast on my right hand this will have to be an abbreviated version at best.  One of the nicest things I have to report is the progress some of our folks have made with their casting skills, largely I suspect, due to their regular attendance at our Thursday evening practice sessions at Milliken Park. With diplomatic instruction from Jim Lloyd, arguably our best caster at the moment and tough, uncompromising guidance from yours truly, we now have three casters who have improved their results immeasurably, Hans Gulde, Paul Becker and Sharon McIntyre.

Perhaps the most dynamic difference is the work being done by Sharon on the targets – and even more importantly on her stroke. A year ago she actually had difficulty hitting the water, now she’s proudly keeping track of the number of targets she hits. Hans, who always cast fairly well seems to have stepped up into the next echelon himself with both spinning and b.c. tackle. Paul has improved sufficiently that he can now make periodic trips to the Ganny without donating half his spinners to the shoreline cover and trees.

Paul has also mastered the rudiments of the double-haul in his fly casting bag of tricks. We haven’t seen a great deal of Robert Beaudoin, Scott Owen, Jay Hackney and a number of others this summer, but we still have the better part of a couple of months on the water at Milliken and it is to be hoped that these folks will grace us with their presence more often. We’re also hoping that big Jim (Jaydee) Davidson will get out soon to work on his loop on the fly-casting dock.  Another bit of good news: it appears that Ashok Kalle will shortly be back in the fold and attending some of our sessions, both at the casting pond and on streams and lakes.

Sheila and I are hoping that we can round up a couple of carloads of our club casters to attend Kevin Carriero’s tournament in Buffalo in September. It’s a fun outing and one I’m sure we would all enjoy. Jim, Paul, Sheila and I have been down to Kevin’s for this one a number of times.

Nothing much to report on the fishing front…..other than it appears unlikely that Paul Kennedy and I will be going to the Broadback again this year as we’re still two men short of the necessary crew. However, our fingers remain crossed.