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 THE REEL THING                                                                             July 2004

          We’ll lead off this edition of the Reel Thing with a summary of the scores  in our tournament. Congratulations to Harvey Beck who eked out a win in the All-Round  over John Seroczynski by a single point….the point where I finished ahead of him in the Bass Bug. Harvey also captured the All-Accuracy and All Distance. The hotly contested Best Sport Trophy was won by Harold Higdon in his first ever tournament and bravely casting all six accuracies. Sharon McIntyre was also in the running for that, along with our scorekeeper, Jim Lloyd’s wife, Deb. If you’re surprised at the rather poor scores in the accuracy games, it must be pointed out that the casters had to contend with terribly windy conditions.

          The first event was B Class Dry Fly won by Jay Hackney with a score of 82

Harold was second with 76 and Ray Cockburn, third with 70. Sharon had 68 in her first ever competitive Dry Fly.

          The A Class Dry Fly was won by John  with a fine 97  in extremely windy conditions. Harvey took second with 92 and Jim, third with 87

          B Class Trout Fly was also won by Jay with an 88 while Harold took second again with 81 and Ray third with 76.

          A Class Bass Bug was won by Harv with 90, while I beat Jim by a single point for second place with 87.

          B Class B.B. won by Harold with 78 and Jay and Ray tied for second with 77, but Jay shot a fine 87 in the cast-off to take the silver medal.

          John took the A Class All-Fly Accuracy trophy with a total of 276

          Jay      “         B     “            “      “          “            “               247


          B Class Ό Ounce Accuracy was won by Jay with 78. Second went to Sheila with 75 and third to Ray with 49     

A Class Ό Ounce Accuracy was won by Harv with 92 while Paul Kennedy jumped in here for the second place silver over John with an 87 to John’s 82. Jim and I brought up the rear with an 80 and 79 respectively

B Class 3/8 Ounce was also won by Jay, shooting 81. Second place went to Ray with 78 and third to Sheila with 74

A Class 3/8 Ounce was won by John with 99 which tied Jim but John won the cast-off with 92 to Jim’s 82. Harvey came in third with 93

          B Class 5/8 Ounce was won by Jay with a fine 86 to sweep the B Plug accuracies. Second went to Ray with 77 and third to Sheila with 63

          A Class 5/8 Ounce Gold went to Harvey with 95 after a cast-off with John. Harv repeated his 95 while John shot 92 for second. Jim took third with 92

          Jay Hackney won the B Class All Plug to go with his win in the All Flies, therefore giving him the All-Round Accuracy B class Championship Trophy

          Harvey Beck won the A Class All Plug Accuracies and beat John by five points to claim the A Class All-Round Accuracy trophy.


          George Monroe, our club’s newest caster drove from Rochester and made it just in time for the distance games Sunday Morning. He cast all seven disciplines for the first time and did not look out of place at all. George is thinking seriously of attending the National in Kentucky in August.

          Two Hand 5/8 Revolving  1st - Harvey 305’

                                                 2nd - John 295’

                                                 3rd  - George 223’

              “    “       “   Spinning   1st -  Harvey 357’

                                                 2nd - John 351’

                                                 3rd - Gord 306’

           Ό Ounce Spin Distance   1st - John 260’

                                                 2nd - Harvey 258’

                                                 3rd - Gord 201’

                    All Plug Distance - Harvey –920’

          Salmon Fly Distance        1st - Harvey 274’

                                                 2nd - John 221’

                                                 3rd - Gord 183’

          Trout Fly Distance            1st -  John 178’

                                                  2nd - Harvey 168’

                                                  3rd - Gord 135’

          Anglers Fly Distance         1st - John 157’

                                                  2nd - Harvey 154’

                                                  3rd - Gord 134’

                    All Fly Distance – Harvey 596’ and All Distance 1,516’        2004 Scarborough Open All-Round Championship – Harvey Beck


          Jim and I worked over the Picnic Grounds on the Ganny last Sunday and caught quite a few small fish, but did see several brutes. I did manage to snare a 16 incher which Sheila and I devoured for supper.