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 THE REEL THING                                                                                July 1995


This will be a short, but very important version of our monthly bulletin.  Please read and save it carefully.  Thanks to splendid efforts by many of our club members, especially Irene, John, Steve, Scott, Donald and others, everything is falling into place beautifully for the A.C.A. Championships.  However, once again we all owe Mike Dinner a huge vote of thanks for the tireless efforts he has given to raising the necessary sponsorship to make the entire endeavour a success.  Thanks to his efforts we now have as sponsors, Shannahan Ford and Molsons Export, with Mark's Work Wear only awaiting a final meeting tomorrow at Milliken Park to wrap up a deal whereby they will be our principal sponsor.

In addition to the folks mentioned above, we have commitments from the following people to assist with the tournament, either for the full week, or a few days or so:  Paul Quarrington (Captain) Fred Bigioni, Peter Durnford, Paulo Conceicao, Rick Matusiak, Matt Ross and his father Don, Debbie Osborne, Rod Sills, Chris Seipio, Kip Van Kempen, Joe Degeer and Tony Whittingham.  There are also a number of other friends and relatives who have indicated that they will definitely be involved in helping us with the event.

The registrations at the Sheraton Hotel are coming along quite nicely and John reports many early casting registrations, as well.  It is shaping up to be a super tournament and will go a long way, with the television, radio and newspaper coverage to making our sport better known in the eyes of the public.

On Monday, July 31st there will be only the one casting event, 1 Ounce spinning distance at 10 A.M.  However, the opening ceremonies (informal) will be held at our Hospitality Room at the Sheraton at 7.00 P.M., followed by the final pre-tournament meeting of the A.C.A. Casting Committee and our club Casting Committee to go over any final details and ground rules etc.  It is extremely important that all our people attend, both for the opening as well as the following meeting.  There will be a number of dignitaries to officially preside over the ceremonies and I think it is imperative for us to have a good showing of club members on hand.

We are announcing officially here that any of our members giving of two or more days of their time to assisting with the myriad details involved will be able to attend the wind-up banquet and awards presentation on the Saturday night without having to pay for their ticket. ($25.00)  But to be eligible for the banquet draw prize, they must buy the ticket.  Committee members' wives' tickets will have to be paid for (at our cost, $20.00).

Most of you are unaware that one of the most cherished awards made at these annual tournaments is the club competitor attendance trophy.  This is, of course, almost always won by the host club and we trust that 1995 will not be an exception.  PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!  Make every effort to at least cast in one or more of the games.  Just to say afterwards that you have competed in the North American Championships is an honour - and you are supporting your club at the same time.  Afterall, the targets are the same size as the ones in the gym and imagine how great it would be to be able to say that you finished in the top 25 - or even 10 places.

The last day, Saturday, is dedicated to 5/8th accuracy only, first the individual competition, followed by the team (five casters) event.  As the hosting club we are allowed two teams and we will select them from the best scores in the earlier game.  One or two members have said that the entry fee is too high for them to justify casting because their chances of winning are almost nil.  This is nonsense!  It is the A.C.A. CHAMPIONSHIPS!  The cost is less than going out to a movie and I can guarantee your memory of the event will last much, much longer!

There will be folks attending and competing in this tournament who will have travelled here from all over North America, spending a great deal, just so that they could say they cast in these championships.  They know that they will have competed with the best in the business and had a wonderful time doing it.  Many of these folks make this effort to attend every year even though their chances of ever winning a medal are small.

Just think what a thrill it will be next winter when you are watching the T.S.N. Canadian Sportfishing television show on the tournament and you see yourself casting alongside world champion Steve Rajeff.  I will close this bulletin with a few lines from a lovely letter I received from a novice caster, Bill Van Natter, who lives in Seattle, Washington.

    "Dear Gord:

     I just received the current Creel and wish to tell you that Peg and I appreciate the efforts of your group in putting on  the Nationals this year.  I read between the lines a little bit, as well.  I note that a and video stressing the advantages of target casting in fishing is in the works.  This  is a good thought since there is always the pleasure and poetry of a satisfying cast even when there are no fish.  I believe that all would learn that the discipline of target casting pays big dividends on the water.  Thanks again to your club for taking the trouble to give us the '95 Nationals.

            See you in Scarborough,"

            Bill Van Natter