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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  June 2000

We must have the shyest club members in the world!  We know for a fact that many of you folks have been fishing for trout and pickerel since the seasons opened over the past month, but have yet to get a single report on your results that we can share with everybody else to enjoy.  Therefore, the only fishing trips that we can tell you about are the ones we participated in ourselves.  We just learned that our ‘numero uno’ angler, Rick Matusiak, has suffered a nasty set-back in his recovery after his quadruple by-pass surgery, but appears to have turned the corner and should be improving soon.  Good buddy and club sponsor, Roger Cannon and I had a memorable outing a couple of weeks ago to check out how the browns were hitting in the Ganaraska River now that the Steelhead have returned to the lake.  We probably caught over thirty trout, mostly smallish rainbows and browns, from six to twelve inches, but did manage to keep nine for the pan that stretched the tape to twenty inches.  The biggest, a gorgeously marked brown tipped the scales just below four pounds and fought for almost fifteen minutes before I was able to beach it in the shallows.  The entire epic struggle was duly recorded on film by Roger. 

We were also able to pick a couple of shopping bags full of Wild Leeks, along with a few Morels.  They provided several meals for me to date and Roger reported that he made a scrumptious soup from his share of the bounty.  The fishing was so good that upon our return I sent out a bulletin to the entire club informing them that all our trout fishermen should hit the Ganny as soon as possible in order that they, too, could share in the excellent fishing.  I still have not heard back though from anyone who was able to take advantage of the notice.

However, Jaydee (Jim Davidson) expressed and interest in having a go at the river with me, just a couple of days ago and we had another ‘great Ganny day’!  But,  this was Jaydee’s initiation to our kind of stream fishing and as we all know, negotiating our equipment and ourselves on small streams in the middle of swamps and jungle-like bush can be a debilitating experience at the best of times.  For once I fished the Ganny with somebody who fell or tripped more times than I did.  Although we were picking the young buds just a couple of weeks ago, the Fiddlehead Ferns are already over five feet tall and do a fine job of hiding logs and holes waiting to entrap us.   Jim and I caught quite a number of trout, although none of the bigger fish like those that Roger and I were luckily able to produce.  We did turn a number of these over, nevertheless, but they were not as eager to strike this time out and just came out from their cover long enough to tease us.  Jaydee insists, however, that he enjoyed the experience and will give it another go as soon as he can escape from the golf course once again.        

***Next  weekend is our annual Scarborough Championships event.  It is part of our charter that we host this event each year and have done so since 1985.  It is absolutely imperative that we get as many of our members participating (either as casters or assistants) as possible!  If our own members fail to show, it can be quite embarrassing otherwise!  If you value our club as much as we do, then Saturday June 10th  will be set aside on all your itineraries to join us for the day. Of course there will be medals, trophies and plaques awarded, as well as merchandise prizes..  The next day, Sunday, June 11th is when we hold the distance games, also in Milliken Park, however  we do not require quite as much help as we do for the Saturday accuracy events on the pond. 

After the games on Saturday we all retire to our home for a bit of a party, B.B.Q. (Ray doing the cooking)  Spa and Hot-tub and discussions about our casting prowess - or lack of same.  We are fully aware that the majority of our membership are not really competitive-minded, but joined the club for a variety of reasons, however this is the one event that we ask everybody to participate in, one way or another, not just for the competition and awards, BUT FOR THE FUN OF IT.

It was nice to see old friend, Leon Schwartz, out at the pond last Wednesday evening with his grandchildren and the four of them enjoying the targets and surroundings in Milliken.  Hopefully we will get a full turn-out of the membership next Wednesday with everybody getting a last chance to sharpen up their skills on both the plug and fly targets at the pond before the big weekend!