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 THE REEL THING                                                                                   June 2001

            I don’t know whether to begin this bulletin by chastising the NO-SHOW  members of the S.F.&B.C.A. who failed to support to support their club this past weekend when we hosted the annual Scarborough Championships, or thank the few who did. 

            But there it is…….special thanks to those who attended.  It was agreed by everybody that it was a fine day and we all enjoyed the competition and b.b.q., speaking of which, Ray Cockburn did a great job (all by himself) of looking after.  The folks who participated from clubs other than ours and as far away as Chicago also agreed that it was a well-run show and a lot of fun, thanks to everybody who pitched in with setting up, scoring and all the little things that make for a successful event.

            Kudos are due to John  Seroczynski who drove all the way from Chicago, despite a bad back to support a fellow casting club and assisted with just about everything without once being asked.  We would also like to blow thank-you kisses to Jim Lloyd’s  lovely wife, Deb, who very capably took charge of the registration and scoring summary details, a necessary but un-rewarding task,  as well as Jaydee, Hans, Paul and everyone who participated.  Also, where would we have been without our right-hand man and club V.P., Jim Lloyd who pretty well takes charge of everything, from setting up the tent shelters, the dock and whatever else needs doing.  Those members who didn’t take part are the unlucky ones……they missed out on a wonderful day!   Come out to Milliken next Wednesday and talk to those who were there.  I’m certain their enthusiasm will impress you.

            Now, to the competition itself:  in the Novice “B” Class section, it proved to be a tremendous one-man show with Paul Kennedy winning gold in five of the six accuracy games, losing only to Ron Bolton of the Westhill Firefighters club in Dry Fly in a cast-off after they tied with 94’s. 

Here are Paul’s scores in the other games: Trout Fly - 91, Bass Bug - 86, ¼ oz - 94, 3/8 oz - 93 and 5/8 oz - 97!   This is a remarkable set of scores for any caster, let alone a caster in the “B” category.  Paul’s aggregate score for the six games totalled 554, only one point less than the winning total score in the “A” division, 555.  Two casters tied for that position, Bill Wattie, Westhill and John (Zero) Seroczynski.

Checking back to 1984, the first year of this competition, we discovered that Paul’s results in winning the “B” All Round Plug Accuracy  (284) and All Round Fly Accuracy (270) are both new record scores to go with the obvious record in the Combined All-Accuracy.  He needed assistance to cart away all the hardware and merchandise that he collected.

Yes, there were others in the tournament.  Hans Gulde took a hard fought second place silver in the ¼ oz, beating Ron Bolton (Westhille) by a couple strokes.  That looked good hanging around his neck alongside the bronze he collected in 3/8 oz.  Ray Cockburn (the b.b.q. on his mind) managed to sneak in and wrest the silver away from Ron Bolton in 5/8th by a single stroke.  In the “B” Class Fly Accuracies, Jim (Jaydee) Davidson, in his first competition surprised himself with decent results in Dry Fly and Trout Fly and took home a couple of bronze medals.  We even had a ‘walk-in’, a gentleman, Bob Cook, who claimed to be a fly fisherman and asked if he could compete.  Although he quickly realised that he was in over his head he enjoyed himself and wasn’t even disturbed when the cell phone in his hip pocket rang.  Can’t  say the same for the judges who were scoring him at the time though.  I’m sure Mr. Cook will be back to the pond to learn how to perfect his skills.

Although the “A” Class Division results were monopolised by Bill Wattie and John Seroczynski, Jim Lloyd in his first tournament since moving up into the “A” ranks scored impressively.  Jim captured third place bronze in Dry Fly and 5/8 oz. to along with second place silvers in ¼ & 3/8 oz Plug Accuracy.  I  managed a silver in Bass Bug to go with bronze in Trout Fly, ¼ & 3/8 oz Plugs.  Bill Wattie, Westhill, collected four firsts and Zero, the man from Chicago, two firsts, but tied for first place overall in total demerits with 555, just a point ahead of Paul Kennedy in the “B” Class.

Fishing-wise, the month of May continued to produce some spectacular results, despite the rather inclement weather that spoiled several scheduled outings.  As usual the Ganaraska provided the best thrills, including a gorgeous 35” rainbow for Hans Gulde and me on a hike way up in the headwaters.  Lots of browns up to 22” were brought to heel during two or three other trips.  The Ganny area also produced a shopping bag-full of wild leeks for us on one outing.