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 THE REEL THING                                                                             June 2002

          May was an absolutely great fishing month for those of us who got out on the streams to do battle.  There were plenty of fish  - and big ones, too – caught, played, some kept for the pan and the smoker but most released.  A few of the folks who took advantage of the higher waters than normal and the excellent fishing, were Rick Matusiak (of course), his son, Alex, Jim Lloyd, Ray Cockburn, Scott Owen, Jay Hackney, Sharon McIntyre, Leon Schwartz, Sheila, Paul Quarrington and Paul Kennedy.  There may be others who tested the waters, but kept it to themselves, not wanting to brag about their results like the rest of us.

            We would like to welcome our two newest members, Bob Tanaka and Harry Yetman, a good friend of Brian Shannon.  Both these gentlemen bring a wealth of enthusiasm to the club and we are looking forward to their participation in many of our future activities.  Bob seems intent at the moment in improving his roll-casting and is working at it quite methodically, while Harry apparently enjoys the plug casting disciplines as well as working on his stroke with the fly rod.

            The first casting tournament of the year, The Scarborough Championships, just concluded with everyone acquitting themselves admirably.  Unfortunately, only one caster, Bill Wattie, from a club other than ours participated in the event and he took home most of the “A” Class laurels. Here is a summary of the winners:



“A” Class

Dry Fly Accuracy - 1st  Bill Wattie 91, 2nd  Gord Deval 80, 3rd  Paul Kennedy 80

Trout Fly Accuracy – 1st Bill Wattie 89, 2nd Gord Deval 86, 3rd Paul Kennedy 79

Bass Bug Accuracy – 1st Bill Wattie 88, 2nd Gord Deval 87, 3rd Jim Lloyd 80

            All-Round “A”Fly Accuracy – Bill Wattie


“B” Class Flies

Dry Fly Accuracy – 1st Jay Hackney 74, 2nd Scott Owen 70, 3rd Paul Becker 58

Trout Fly Accuracy – 1st Paul Becker 76, 2nd Jay Hackney 75, 3rd Scott Owen 72

Bass Bug Accuracy – 1st Jay Hackney 76, 2nd Scott Owen 74, 3rd Paul Becker 69

              All-Round “B”Fly Accuracy  - Jay Hackney



 “A” Class

¼ oz – 1st Paul Kennedy 91, 2nd Jim Lloyd 90, 3rd Bill Wattie 90

3/8 oz – 1st Bill Wattie 90, 2nd Gord Deval 88, 3rd Paul Kennedy 87

5/8 oz – 1st Bill Wattie 96, 2nd Jim Lloyd 91, 3rd Paul Kennedy 89

             All-Round “A”Plug Accuracy – Bill Wattie


“B” Class Plugs

¼ oz – 1st Sheila Deval 86, 2nd Hans Gulde 79, 3rd Scott Owen 76

3/8 oz – 1st Ray Cockburn 80, 2nd Hans Gulde 79, 3rd Scott Owen 74

5/8 oz – 1st Ray Cockburn 80, 2nd Paul Becker 71, 3rd Scott Owen 68

             All-Round “B”Plug Accuracy – Ray Cockburn

ALL ACCURACY “A”- Bill Wattie - 547  ALL ACCURACY “B” - Scott Owen – 434



5/8 oz Single Hand  – Gord Deval 425’

5/8 oz 2 Hand Spin – 1st Gord Deval 345’, 2nd Jay Hackney 296’, 3rd Scott Owen 230’

¼ oz Spin – 1st Gord Deval *295’,  Jay Hackney 206’, 3rd Scott Owen 191’

Distance Plugs –  Gord Deval 1065’                                          *(New Record)      


Salmon Fly – 1st Gord Deval  214’, 2nd Scott Owen 183’, 3rd Jay Hackney 138’

Trout Fly  - 1st Gord Deval 149’, 2nd Scott Owen 134’, 3rd Jay Hackney 112’

Anglers Fly  - Gord Deval  149’, 2nd Jay Hackney 125’, 3rd Scott Owen 112’

Distance Flies – Gord Deval – 512’           All Distance – 1577’

All Round Championship – Gord Deval