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 THE REEL THING                                                                             June 2004

It’s Sunday evening and I just sent George Monroe on his way home to Rochester, N.Y., after almost four hours of distance fly casting practice this afternoon.  I’m sure the practice will pay off for him in a couple of ways; tomorrow morning he flies to the Florida keys to practice for a tarpon fishing contest the following week and, of course, in our Scarborough Casting Championships next weekend. George is an excellent caster only had to make a few adjustments to his technique and double haul to be able to handle the big club fly distance outfits and should do quite well in next weekend’s events.

Jim and I threw both the two hand plug distance games for a couple of hours last Monday and I’m pleased to say that I was able to handle the big rods without too much trouble. It was a pleasant surprise. Jim hadn’t thrown them for a couple of years, but will hopefully get it together for the tournament.

I haven’t been able to locate the two top sections of my salmon rod and I’m wondering if by some weird chance somebody else ended up with them in San Francisco last year. Sharon has been doing quite a lot of stream fishing to polish her casting skills. She recently fished the Credit and caught browns and rainbows, then worked Wilmot Creek and the Ganny and was nose to nose with many large rainbows but she says they weren’t interested in anything she had to offer them…….the trout she caught on the credit were caught using the beautiful split-cane rod and one of the flies she learned to make in the club. Very, very few fishermen could ever make that statement about their own skills. Congratulations, Sharon!

Sheila, Sharon and I worked over A/B Lake yesterday and had a great outing but nothing for the pan, while a week ago, Jim, Paul Kennedy and I Jeeped all the way into Limit Lake, where Paul took all the money with a lovely four and a half pound ‘bow. One of the most interesting reports from the folks in the club came from Jay Hackney who has been working the streams all over Southern Ontario recently. Fishing the Ganny, he caught a twelve pound ‘bow, while on the Grand took browns and ‘bows up to sixteen inches, then deciding to try a stream a half-hour from Peterborough where he lives (one I told him about several years ago) caught a nice mess of brookies for the pan.  By the way, George just happened to mention that he caught a 115 pound tarpon on his twelve weight fly rod a couple of weeks ago. We hope he can repeat in the tournament two weeks from now.

We sincerely hope that some of our friends from below the border will make every effort to attend our 20th consecutive annual open championships next weekend……we could sure use both their assistance and seeing their obvious skills will be a fine incentive for our novice casters to continue to improve their own techniques.

It’s getting quite late and I’m tired so that’s it for now, folks.

          See you next weekend,