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 THE REEL THING                                                                                June 1993


Well we are finally into the hot weather and I guess that spells the end to the lovely long spring weather we enjoyed this year.  Although not everybody agrees with me, the extended cool days and nights were most appreciated in this corner as it seems that most years we are lucky to get more than a few days of spring-like weather before the heat of summer sets in.

We would like to officially welcome Gus Pappas into our club.  Gus is an extremely keen angler who wants to take his casting potential to its limits and it looks like these limits could be way up there from what we have seen to date.

Fred Leibl has been getting into some lovely speckles in a hot spot of his'll have to ask him where, though.  Ron Bolton, Fred Leibl and I had a couple of good outings to the Ganny, but I don't have a lot to report on our other members' exploits as of yet.  Come on folks, share your good - and bad - news with us so that we can report it in the next bulletin.

Sheila, Peter Durnford, and son, Jamie, along with Dave Collins, attended the St. Catharines casting tournament and came away with a hatful of medals.  This was followed by the Canadian Championships where our club, once again, did itself proud.  Scott Purcell, Dave Collins, Ron Bolton, Sheila and I all had fine results, along with a couple of downers, but nevertheless came away with about a dozen Golds, Silvers and Bronzes.  It's really a shame that more of our casters didn't attend this one.

HOWEVER, that brings us to the most important part of this bulletin!

It is extremely essential that we have a full turnout for our annual championships next month, July 17th & 18th at the beautiful new Miliken park.  There will be events in all categories as well as "A" class and "B" class.  As most of you have already seen in the mailing from Peter Edwards there will also be a lunch served for all competitors.  Even if you have never been in a competition of this nature PLEASE, PLEASE, give this one a try.  After all it can be a fun day if you treat it that way and your club has to show Scarborough officials that they are interested in backing the club's activities and didn't just join the club for their own personal benefit!  Last year we had a record attendance of 14....let's see if we can double that this year.

We have been heavily lobbying Scarborough council for a permanent dock for the pond at Miliken and it appears that we have met with success, but we must absolutely show them that we are truly an active and participating association.  

Our club will follow up this fun weekend by hosting the Ontario Championships, also in our park, Miliken, on the weekend of August 28th & 29th.  Ontario champions will be declared in this tournament in all categories as well as both "A" & "B" classes.

Please circle both these weekends on your calendars and barring a death in your family, grace us with your presence on both occasions, if not as competitors, then certainly as helpers and assistants.  The accuracy events, both fly and bait, are always interesting with great battles between casters in all divisions, and the distance events on the respective Sundays are really quite spectacular.  We need quite a bit of help with both of these, so please let us know as soon as possible if you are willing to volunteer your assistance - if not actually competing.

A number of us have signed up for a day of trout fishing at the Franklin ponds, courtesy of Dorothy and Bernie Enis.  Saturday July 10th is the date for this one and if you haven't let them know your intentions, better call them at 494.3721 as soon as possible.

For the few of you who have not been out casting since we moved outdoors, we meet Monday evenings at the Civic Centre pool beside the City Hall and Wednesday evenings at the magnificent new Miliken Park Pool.  If you haven't been out yet you are missing a real treat.

Old fishin' buddy, Jack Wilkings is in Branson Hospital again........give him a call if you have a moment at 633.9420 Extension 351.

Good fishin' & great castin,