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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 2003

Well that was some kind of a winter we finally seem to have concluded up here, although many of the lake are apparently still covered in ice. My maple trees decided they had held on to their sap long enough and eventually surrendered about 200 gallons of sap, enough to make almost four gallons of lovely maple syrup. A few of us managed to escape from household chores long enough to get out for the trout opening the other day and I asked the folks to give me a few lines describing their results for inclusion in the Reel thing.

I don’t have time to edit them or anything, so I’ll just copy the ones I’ve received so far and put them in the bulletin. Thanks to those who sent me the info and when I receive a note from the rest of you lads and lassies, I’ll send them along for your enjoyment as well.

nothing to report this weekend as I did not go out. however, I did got two weekends ago to cobourg creek and got 3 hits, but didn't land them - using nypmh
patterns-size 12-14's. I did see some fishing being landed. I'm planning to head out this up coming weekend. hope all is welll on your end.
          Wil Jin

Hi Gord…..I went to Duffin's Creek for a couple of hours on Saturday.  Hooked one Brookie and it was kind enough to release itself before I had to land it and do the job myself and had a couple hits at another spot.  I ran into 4 guys flogging the water with worms who had some success (4 fish) but that was it.


On my return from Quebec at about 4 pm, I fished Shelter Valley creek, which looked quite appealing from the road.  Several fishers were gagthered at the bridge where #2 crosses the stream.  They were dangling gtheir roe bags, all standingg almost shoulder to shoulder.  A couple of fish were snaged but I saw none caught.  I fished with my new cane spinning rod, throwing a old lure from mong those you sold me from the donated collection.  The cane worked very nicely.  Shelter Valley creek is rather small.  A couple of nice pools should have held trout but it seems the stream had been worked over pretty well.  I cast to a couple of bows I could see & twice had a fish take a run at the lure as though they were just trying to scare off an intruder.  Not one bite.  The creek could be nice, but quite a bit of it is private club land & I was invited not to fish where I was hapilly fishing.  A couple of hours of fishing, quite pleasant, but no fish.



My trout opening weekend

I had to take Deb downtown on Saturday so I reserved Sunday morning for fishing the Ganny.  I arrived at the corner parking lot for the picnic grounds at 6:00 just as the sun was coming up into a clear sky and no wind.  I took the route due east across the field to the Hydro lines and down the slope to the river by 6:30.  I fished the larger deeper pools as I worked upstream.  There were lots of trout in the river mostly on the gravel beds redding and not at all interested in feeding.  I spent some time casting down stream to the fish holding in the current and would wave the lure back and forth in front of their noses but they totally ignored all offerings.  In the large pools I cast upstream as usual hoping to find a fish watching for food coming downstream with the current.  The first few pools had nothing.  As I came up to the next pool I was thinking this is going to be tricky. I was on the outside of a sweeping curve with an undercut bank caused by some stumps and gravel bars upstream and there was also a small cedar tree just downstream which had partially fallen over so some of the branches were in the water.  I first cast across the stream and let the current sweep the meps down and under the cedar branches… nothing.  I then cast across and upstream to the back of the stump on the other side of the river…nothing.  Next I cast upstream past the stump and twitched the meps down the centre current past the stump.  Wham… the fish hit the lure hard, rolled and headed for the shelter of the stump.  I set the hook twice just to make sure and tried to move a bit to my right – up stream and away from the cedar tree but I didn’t have much room or time. The fish quickly decided there was better cover down stream and went for the tree.  I could feel the line rubbing in the twigs and by occasionally releasing pressure on the fish I could coax the fish to move.  After about 15 – 20 min. I managed to lead the fish back to the pool and over to the band where I grabbed it with my Hand-I-Gaff and lifted it to the bank.  It was a very clean 24” 6 lb. rainbow hen.  I dispatched it with a blow to the back of the head with the edge of the Hand-I-Gaff, put it into a plastic bag and slid it into the back of my vest.  The rest of the morning was very pleasant with lots of the usual Ganny obstacles, and a few small browns and rainbows which I released to grow and hopefully to be caught again.

            Jim Lloyd

I guess I’ll just round this out to report that Paul Kennedy and I hit the Saugeen River about 2:30 Saturday afternoon (the differential on my Jeep had blown up during the morning drive north). We fished until four-ish and Paulie took a buck from me for the longest trout, 28” and most, 3. I had the first a 27” eight pounder, the heaviest of the day. Not too shabby for a couple of hours fishin’! I hit the Ganny with Hans Gulde yesterday morning for another go at the bows and he took two lovely fish, 25” and 26”. I managed another 27”, 8 pounder and a small brown for Sheila’s brecky. As soon as I can pick up a couple more bows they’ll all go in the brine then into the smoker. 

Heh, everybody, don’t forget the Scarborough Casting Championships and fun day coming up, June 7th and 8th.

We will be beginning our Wednesday outdoor practice sessions at Milliken Park Pond in a couple of weeks.  We’ll get back to you with the date soon.

***To all our friends below the border: The SARS scare up here is pretty well over and certainly contained to very specific areas. I hope it doesn’t deter you from coming to Scarborough for our tournament.  The baseball teams are coming up and mingling with the autograph seekers and so on.  Rene Gillibert came up to spend a couple of great days here assisting me with my feeble casting efforts and survived, so let’s hear if you’re coming to To. and Scarborough for our tournament in June.