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May 2004



            Well we missed getting our bulletin out for a couple of months, but I think you all know why……thanks primarily to a great job of filling in for his old man by my son Ronnie. It seems like he kept the whole world informed on what happened to me along with, of course my wonderful wife, Sheila and our right hand man, Jim, also kept the phones and e.mails busy. However, as you know I checked out of the hospital Saturday and am rarin’ to go……well almost.

            I don’t have much to tell you except tomorrow night is our first night of the summer casting season at Milliken Pond and rain or shine we’ll be there to welcome back the gang and maybe even toss a couple of shots at the targets myself. With the Scarborough Open Championships only a few weeks away (June 5th & 6th) we had all better hone our skills whatever level they may be, because it seems we will have a big turnout for this one including casters from Quebec and below the border. Fortunately for most of us there are two categories in this tournament, Class “A” and everybody else, Class “B”.

            There will be medals awarded to all the winners, plaques in the combined championships and an assortment of goodies for the runner-ups.

            I hope you’re looking forward to the event as much as I am. One of the best things about these tournaments is meeting some of the wonderful folks who participate in our sport and not just to win a trinket or two. Every year we have one or two folks who enter and give it a go just for the fun, kibitzing and sportsmanship ………as well, of course, to support their club. By the way, in case you’re wondering the entry fees are $3.50 per event…..six accuracy and six distance games. If you try your hand in all six accuracies, we’ll knock a buck off and the same for the distance games.

            There is an interesting A.C.A. rule change in place now for the fly casters: In the Trout Fly Accuracy, the rod length maximum has been increased to nine feet from eight and a half…..should make the roll casting easier if you can match your rod to the maximum allowed – six weight line. We will try to get casting underway both days by 8:30 A.M. and it is hoped that some of the ‘veterans’ attending will assist with the scoring etc.

Fishing-wise the only report I’ve had (my son might have more to add) was a good workout by our Peterborough contingent, Jay Hackney on the Ganny, resulting in a fine spring dinner of sautéed brown trout fillets, accompanied by a dish of steamed and buttered fiddleheads and wild leeks. Come on folks, we all like to share in who’s doing and catchin’ what. Let us know before the next Reel Thing so we can give it a mention for all to enjoy please.

That’s all for now…..I’m tired and my fingers are sore…….I think the finger tips were punctured over three hundred times in the hospital. One last thank you to all you beautiful people who assisted Sheila and spent a moment or two to wish us luck and speed my recovery. See you all soon,