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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 1990


How about a big welcome aboard for our newest members, Ela and Dave Collins.  Ela and Dave have been on several fishing and camping trips with Sheila and myself and although fishing and casting have not exactly been on their priorities list, they are rapidly becoming hooked by the pleasures of our sport.  Meeting some of our other wonderful members finally brought them into our net.

Now for the really BIG news!  To all the members who, for one reason or another, missed the boat and didn't make our ice-out trip to A/B Lake - sorry, but you missed out on what I think was the best club fishing trip ever.  Everything was perfect!  We caught over twenty beautiful Speckled Trout, with almost everybody sharing in the excitement.  The only 'fisherman' to get skunked was yours truly.  But that sort of thing doesn't bother me - bother me - bother me - bother me............  

There were a number of firsts and I will mention a few of them:  Fred Bigioni caught his first Brookie on a fly he tied himself (Not a Despair, by the way), Jim Lee equalled Fred's accomplishment, Paulo Conceico caught his first pair of Brookies, Leon put his fly casting skills to work, and casting beautifully, also took a lovely Speck or two,  Sheila led the parade, skillfully picking her spots along the shoreline to cast and work her Gord Deval Crocodile and led the parade with SIX Speckled Trout, one of which was released during a picture-making attempt.

We had two guests on this trip, Roger Cannon, the General Manager of Normark Canada and Jack Wilkings, the General Manager of nothing much now.  Jack is recently retired and despite suffering a stroke a few weeks ago and going through a painful root canal surgery the day before the trip, he was one-two with Sheila in the success department.  You can find out quite a bit more about this old fishing buddy of mine if you have copies of my fishing books.  Roger, also an old fishing buddy of mine, has been extremely helpful to our club in supplying us with much of the merchandise serving as prizes at our annual casting tournaments.  He was right behind Jack, with three nice Brookies caught on flies and, of course, one caught on a Rapala.

Nobody complained about the food and my cooking,  Leon was on his best behavior, and not the least of the weekend pleasures on this great trip was hitting the giant Windermere Lodge hot tub at the end of each day with a half a dozen guys - and Sheila.  In case you're wondering, nobody was nude, we ALL had bathing suit bottoms on!

We are having a  contest during the month of June. It will be on the honour system with a little prize for the winner.  The idea is - who can collect the most beer bottles (broken or otherwise) while stream fishing.  It always amazes me that some so-called outdoorsmen can carry full cases of beer bottles into the bush and leave empties all over the place.  If they can carry full bottles in then they can certainly carry empty ones out.  I personally collect about forty or fifty dollars worth every summer.  Let's see who can bring out the most!

The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association has been fortunate to have had some of the finest junior casters to have ever graced the casting scene since the club's inception.  Every one of them also matured into extremely competent anglers, mastering pretty well all the phases of our sport, from fly tying to rod building and so on. 

This has given all of us in our club a great sense of satisfaction on one hand but a feeling of loss on the other when they move on to other things in their lives, such as girls, cars, jobs, etc.  It is, of course, completely understandable, but it is still dissapointing to lose these wonderful assets - and friends - to our club.  So I am making a personal plea here to all our present membership to see if you can get some other youngsters involved in our sport.  We all have either sons, grandsons, nephews, nieces, or even the kid next door who mows your lawn for you.  Bring them out so that they, too, can learn what our sport is all about.

I am also sending this particular copy of the 'REEL' THING' to as many of our former juniors as I can locate.  We would love to see some of you fellows again, even if it is just for an evening or two, so why not come on out to the pool and throw a few with the the rest of us.  It would be great to see you guys in action again.

Here is a list of the ex-juniors that I am referring to and to whom I'll be sending this invitation.  Come on out guys - or at least - give me a call if you possibly can.

Brad Allen.....Steve McIntosh.......Al Clooney...... Carl and Adam Rightmyer.........Oliver Johnston......... Larry Johnson........Graham McConnachie........ Chris Wilson........Tim Pokulok.......Chris Roche.  I am sure there are others but their names escape me at the moment.

There is still another week or so that you can pick fiddleheads, and Sheila and I have already had a feed of wild mushrooms.  The watercress is coming along nicely and the cat-tail stalks are just reaching their peak of core edibility.  For more info on these delectable 'free' goodies, get in touch with me or Sheila.

The next club trip will be on the July 1 long week-end.  It will be a camping trip to you know where.  First-come, first-served.


We feel that after all the time, effort, and expense that we put into the club helping everybody to become proficient anglers and casters, it is a rather small thing to ask all our members to reciprocate for just one weekend out of the year. Please earmark this weekend on your calendar to give back a little to your club by participating in your own tournament.  Without everybody's co-operation we would not have a club, at all!

The accuracy events, both fly and plug, will be at our pool on the Saturday, beginning at 9 A.M. and the distance events will be held at the Ellesmere Reservoir Park on Sunday, also beginning at 9 A.M.

There will be a $3.00 entry fee per event or $30.00 for the All Round.  Lunches will be provided for all helpers and competitors.

We should be back at the pool at the Scarborough City Hall on the evening of the 21st, although it is the last day of the Victoria Day weekend.  Hopefully, not everybody will be away and we will have a decent turnout.  Times are approximately 6:P.M. to 8:45 P.M.

See you there.

The Fish House Restaurant, through the good graces of its owner, Ken Baxter, is once again sponsoring our club.  Whether you can catch them or not, if you want a great fish dinner this is the place to be.

Watch the Toronto Star and the Scarborough Mirror for upcoming stories on our club and its achievements.   That's all for now, folks!